Thursday, September 19, 2013


Arrrrrrr!  And here ye thought I'd be forgettin' what day it be, didn't ye?  Well, haul for cover, because I'll always remember when it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

I'd stay and hoist a pint or two with ye, but me crew be clamorin' for more swill, so I'd best be servin' up their mess.

Drink up, me hearties!  Yo ho!


  1. Sounds like fun at your house today. I bet your kids are loving it. Are y'all dressed like pirates too?

    1. No costumes this year, though I used to dress up every year before I had kids. When they get a little older, I'm sure we'll celebrate with more panache!

  2. Blast! I speak not the pirate lingo! I must make sail before me crew catches wind!

    That was my pitiful attempt at pirate talk there. I feel I should do something to honour pirate's day though. I think I'll watch Muppet Treasure Island. Or Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists...


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