Saturday, April 13, 2013

Francis, Daffodils, and The Garden

So... I've named my new camera Francis.  After Bruce Willis' character in Red.  Yeah.  Hee.

Anyway, I got it earlier this week, and have been having a blast trying out all the new settings!  I'm so happy that my daffodils bloomed later than everyone else's, because they're still lovely and I got to take all kinds of pictures of them.  They're my first daffodils of my very own, which is so exciting to me because they're my favorite flower.  So here are a few of the photos I've taken of them this week, using some of Francis' settings:

See the nifty effects I get to play with?  That one with the shadows in the corners is called "toy camera," and so far it's my favorite.  This last photo shows where the daffodils are in relation to the front of the house.  This fall, I plan to plant more so they totally encircle that tree instead of just being around the front half.

Here's what else we've been doing outside:  building a garden!

We decided to try a Square Foot Garden this year, since it uses all new dirt.  Last year, our  garden failed abysmally.  Cowboy planted a peach tree in the middle of our old garden, and clover all around it:

There you can see how the tree and garden are up on the hill behind our house.  We planted clover around the peach tree because the two are supposed to grow well together, and because bunnies like clover and we have bunnies.  They and the deer are why we have the fence around our garden.  Cowboy just finished putting up the fence today, and I'll be planting peas later this week.  He built our box a couple weeks ago, and filled it with dirt earlier this month.  Doesn't it look like it'll be fun to plant in?

So anyway, I have lots more photos of flowers on our property, but I'll post them some other time.  For now, I'll just say that so far, there's only one thing Francis isn't very good at taking clear pictures of:  little boys riding big-wheels :-D


  1. I love this post because I was just thinking yesterday about my garden. I live in the city, but I have a huge garden. I had to have 4 trees cut down a few weeks ago because they were dead, so now I have lots of fuel for my wood stove next winter and my garden will get so much needed sun. I am going to plant tomatoes, squash, kale, peppers and eggplant.

    I also want to plant some rose of sharon and a peach tree.

    1. And we live in the suburbs, but our HOA won't let us have a garden bigger than 64 square feet without a special dispensation from the Pope, er, HOA leaders. But that's okay, as I don't have time right now to take care of a big garden. We're doing peas, carrots, spinach, cherry tomatoes, turnips, radishes, and peppers. All in a 4'x4' box! Or so the theory goes, anyway... we shall see!

      I'm really excited about our peach tree, and I want to try adding some lenten roses by our yew trees, though I have to research them and see when to plant, where to buy, etc. But they thrive in shade to part shade, and that spot only gets a couple hours of sun a day. If they work well there, I might add some out front in our other really shady spot. But I've read they spread a lot, so not sure yet if I really want them, or will need to come up with a containment policy, lol.

  2. Yay for daffodils knowing when you'd need them to be pretty for pictures! I'm sure they planned it that way, right? ;P Francis takes lovely pictures! I'm admiring the toy camera effect myself. I believe I should look into getting a Francis of my own. :D

    1. I know, weren't my daffodils obliging?

      Francis was only $99 on Amazon when I got him, though sometimes the prices change. But I'm quite pleased with this model so far. He's a Canon PowerShot A3400.

  3. Now that I've been to see you and know where all these flowers are, this post is way cooler.


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