Friday, February 01, 2008

Connecticut weather is odd. We don't really get snow here, at least, we haven't yet. Instead, we get little white pellets that sound like someone throwing sand against my windows, look like microscopic sleet, and sting your face if you're outside. Where are my big, fluffy flakes? :-( Are we too close to the ocean or something?

Anyway, things are starting to look some better around here -- I got cowboy hats and pictures hung in the bedroom yesterday, and every day a box or two or five gets emptied and goes away. Or goes into the box that holds the broken-down boxes, anyway. Cowboy's going to have a lot to take to the recycling center this weekend. Yay! Get them out of here! AND I have most of my nice clothes unpacked and hung up, so now I don't have to wear the same two skirts to church over and over. Another yay!

Plus, it's Friday, we've got enough leftovers that I don't need to make supper tonight, and I think I might take the afternoon off and watch something while Dano sleeps. Maybe a Combat! or two :-D

Oh, did I mention I've dubbed this apartment the Crow's Nest? We're on the second story, we're sorta near the sea (okay, you can't see it from here or anything, but I know it's around somewhere), and who doesn't want to be either a whaler or a pirate?

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