Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm such a fangirl.

Even if it reeks, I must see it in the theater. Because I've never seen an Indiana Jones movie in the theater, and because hello? Harrison Ford! Yeah.

This trailer has me a bit worried, though. Not about Harrison, he looks fabulous as usual, but about the FX. They look a little dodgy, don't they? I mean, I know they're by ILM, not Weta, but come on, folks, ILM pioneered this whole digital effects thing! You should at least put out a preview that doesn't look like it was done in the '80s. Of course, they might be going for a slightly cheesy look, as it's supposed to be more like the sci-fi movies of the '50s and less like the action serials of the '30s and '40s. Come on, Lucas and Spielberg, I'm trusting you on this one... please do not ruin it with too much cheese and too little class!


  1. Do you know how weird it is to me that you haven't seen an Indy film in the theatre? That you were still a little pipsqueak while my family was going over and over and over to the theatre for Raiders? :-D And that Raiders is one of my top favorite movies... and yet, I'm totally dreading this movie and you aren't.

    Seeing the preview doesn't help settle my fears. The effects actually don't look 80's to me (I'd much prefer that!), they look like bad current CGI a la King Kong and the like. What bugs me is that forced humorous dialogue. Reminds me of the third film, where they had to start forcing things instead of letting the humor come naturally.

    But thanks for posting that -- Laura and I watched it together for the first time and so we could be mutually frightened.

    And your last line... yes indeed. Please please please do not ruin this! Surprise me, guys, and make it fabulous!

  2. Yeah, I was like 1, 4, and 9 when the others came out. I first saw Raiders when I was like 13 or so, then Last Crusade shortly after. Didn't see temple until I went to college.

    I'm totally dreading this movie and you aren't.

    Of course you are! It's like, for me, when "Return to Snowy River" came out and it sucked a LOT. Plus, you are WAY harder to please than I am :-D


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