Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day is over. Some people might be rejoicing about that fact. Not me! I got lots of cool stuff for V-Day! Besides that oven rack I mentioned a while ago, Cowboy also got me a new dish drainer (I hated our old one) and plenty of chocolate! I got him a poster of Shakira, which is now adorning the big blank spot in the Crypt's dining room, where we used to have bookshelves before we realized they were blocking a big heater vent.

But the coolest thing about Valentine's Day is that it is Vic Morrow's birthday! He would have been 77 this year. So I did something very special in his memory today. I drank a little bit of brandy made at the Korbel Winery in California, I ate some ten-year-old cheese, and I watched the Combat! episode "The Gun". Not only had I never seen that ep before, but it was filmed at the Korbel Winery! What a perfect way to celebrate Vic's career, particularly his role as my favorite tv character ever, right?

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