Thursday, February 16, 2006

Johnnycake and Dimples got engaged tonight! My baby brother is getting married! This is so awesome!

I went to see Firewall tonight, and when I got home, Mom IMed me and told me the good news :-D So I called Johnnycake right away, and got to talk to him and Dimples for a while and congratulate them, get all the details, etc. And I get to see them in about three weeks; they're spending part of their Spring Break here.

Yippee! I really like her, and I think they'll be really happy together. Maybe even as happy and Cowboy and I are!

Oh yeah, I liked Firewall quite well--it's a good solid action movie. Not twisty or surprising or incredibly shiny, but a good ride. And I got to see it for free, thanks to Noumenon giving me some movie vouchers tonight when Cowboy and I picked him up for work. We have lots of snow here (I'm guessing about 8 inches), so I'm not going to work tonight. I tried, but it's really blowing a lot and the visibility's not real great, plus it's started drifting across the roads. I think I'm going to watch a few more Harrison Ford movies tonight, cuz I'm in the perfect mood to cuddle up with some violence...

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