Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I hate my life! This sucks!!!!! I was supposed to go visit ED at her new pad tonight...but they're predicting this monster storm; the weatherman said it would start snowing around 8pm, keep snowing and sleeting all night and part of tomorrow, and eventually we'll get 8-10 inches. So I called ED and we decided I would just go there next week.

Then I thought since I'll be home tonight after all, I'll go see Harrison Ford's new movie, Firewall. The theater is only 7 or 8 blocks from my place, I can walk home if the roads are bad after the movie's over. I get there, and the sodding projector for Firewall is B-R-O-K-E-N!!! The poor little guy behind the counter was really apologetic, cuz he knows I go there all the time. But the only other thing in the theater that I am even remotely interested in seeing is The Pink Panther...and it was already 20 minutes into its run. The projector should be fixed tomorrow. What bloody good does that do me? I have to work tomorrow night! Arrrrrrgh!

So now it's 9:55 and no snow has yet fallen. I'm not at ED's. I'm not at Firewall. I'm back at home, royally pouty, and irritated with the world.

There is nothing for it but to open that new carton of cookies 'n cream ice cream. That is the only hope for redeeming this miserable night.

And watching a Combat!. That will help; it always does.

But still!!!


  1. Argh! That's terrible. They should give you a free ticket next time you go, just because of the inconvenience.

  2. Yeah, if I'd thought about it, I woulda asked for a raincheck. I never remember to do things like that. I'm too timid, I guess.


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