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The Running Wild in Impractical Outfits Tag

Hold onto your hats and umbrellas, folks -- this is going to be a little wacky!

Thank you to Chloe from Movies Meet Their Match for tagging me with this!  It is rather different from any tag I've ever done, and a bit of a challenge because I am often not very focused on costumes and outfits.  BUT there are some exceptions to that, as you shall soon see :-D

The Rules 

- Put a link to the originator's blog (Autumn Ink
- Put a link to your post in the comments there
- Tag people if you want 
- Have fun with the tag and feel free to add things, change locations, or whatever you want. 
- The outfits you choose can be from anywhere you like (movies, books, shows, real life, etc.) and they can be as practical or as impractical as you'd like. Choose with as much flagrant disregard for custom or rules as you choose. 
- You have to bring a different fictional character of your choosing to each location

This seems a little complicated, but let's get started! 

(All titles are linked to my reviews where applicable...)

At the Beach 

I have always loved the swimming suits that the twins and their friends wear in The Parent Trap (1961).  They're so cute and classy at the same time!  I would totally wear this checkered one that Sharon (Hayley Mills) wears at camp.

As for a fictional character to bring along, I choose Canoe (Tom Lowell) from That Darn Cat (1965) -- he could surf and I could read a book, and we'd both be happy.  Or we could both pretend we're helping solve a mystery, and that would be fun too!

Car Wash 

Washing a car tends to be wet and messy, so I think I'd wear a raincoat like the ones featured at the beginning of Singin' in the Rain (1952).  

My fictional companion would be Ensign Nellie Forbush (Mitzi Gaynor) from South Pacific (1958) because she's good at washing things out of her hair, so she's probably good at washing cars too.

University of Glasgow 

Hmm.  I honestly have no idea what one would wear there, but I'm guessing Dark Academia vibes would work, so how about I borrow Sherlock Holmes's (Benedict Cumberbatch) long black coat and blue scarf from Sherlock because it just seems suitable.  I'm immoderately fond of long black coats, and Sherlock Holmes was created by A. Conan Doyle, who was Scottish, so... yup, I think it works.

I'd take along Professor McGonagall (Maggie Smith) from the Harry Potter books and movies because I absolutely love her and think she would be incredibly fun and interesting to hang out with!

Abandoned Castle 

I would want to wear good climbing and scrambling clothes in an abandoned castle, so I would go with Lara Croft's (Alicia Vikander) tank top and cargo pants from Tomb Raider (2018).  Lots of pockets to stash treasure or cameras or snacks!  And easy to move around in too.

Obviously, I would bring Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) along because he would probably discover some cool artifact or treasure there, which could lead to an adventure!

A Fictional Place of Your Choosing 

Let's go on a little trip to Rivendell from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit!  I will wear a gorgeous green dress like Eowyn's (Miranda Otto), with a drop waist and swoopy sleeves and lots of layers.

And I will, of course, be accompanied by Boromir, because who else would I visit Rivendell with but my Middle-earth main squeeze?

On the Moor  

I always expect the moor to be a bit cold and damp, so I want to wear Angel's long, long, long black coat from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) and Angel (1999-2004).  Not his leather one, but that smooth, sleek fabric one he had on BTVS and the first season or so of Angel.  And I would need some time to practice swooshing it around behind me first, just so I could do it justice.

Now, a moor is no place to go alone, so I want Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett) and Doctor Watson (Edward Hardwicke) to accompany me so they can guard me against any gigantic hounds we might encounter, spectral or otherwise.  They are, of course, welcome to wear their own long black coats.


Let's have a Regency-style picnic so I can wear this gorgeous, understated dress from Emma (1996).

And if we're picnicking Regency-style, I want Captain Frederick Wentworth (Ciaran Hinds) from Persuasion (1995) to come along.  Perhaps we shall have to have an evening picnic so we can have some candles to lend extra allure to him and make his eyes sparkle.


I have always wanted to wear Judy's (Vera Ellen) pink dress from White Christmas (1954).  Summer seems like the perfect time, doesn't it?

Obviously, the perfect fictional character to take along to a trip to the summertime is Olaf (Josh Gad) from Frozen (2011).


Hmm.  My number one requirement for a roadtrip is a good pair of sunglasses.  And I happen to have a pair of clunky, round, white sunglasses reminiscent of the ones Gaby Teller (Alicia Vikander) wears at the end of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015).  Those are my costume requirement for a roadtrip adventure.

I will take Gaby, Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer), and Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill) along on this roadtrip because, my goodness, adventure would be absolutely certain to befall us!

In the Woods 

I have a great fondness for buckskin coats, shirts, and jackets, so I want to borrow Thomas O'Rourke's (Alan Ladd) from Saskatchewan (1954).  And some good buckskin pants to go with it, because then I can crash around in any kind of underbrush without getting scratched up AND they'll give me some decent camouflage.

For my companion, I choose Sergeant Saunders (Vic Morrow) from Combat! (1962-67) because he never, ever, ever gets lost in the woods.  And I probably would get lost without him.

Dancing in the Rain 

This is tricky, because you don't want to dance in the rain in something too flimsy, as it will turn see-through and improper really quickly.  But you want something that is swooshy and twirly.  So I choose this bias-cut dress that Nora Charles (Myrna Loy) wears in The Thin Man (1934).  It looks like it would be super fun to twirl around in, but it wouldn't get too immodest if it was soaking wet.

And I will be dancing in the rain with Johnny Morrison (Alan Ladd) from The Blue Dahlia (1946) -- he's such a gentleman, he's holding the door open for me!


If I ever actually went to Paris, I would base my entire wardrobe around Audrey Hepburn.  For this particular visit, I want to wear her green dress from How to Steal a Million (1966).  It looks so comfortable, yet elegant! And it comes with a cute jacket, too.

I want Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly) from An American in Paris (1951) to show me the town.  I really only would want to visit Paris in the 1950s or 1960s, you see, so I'm sure he would be the perfect companion.

In a Cottage with a Garden 

I would love to live in a cottage with a garden!  I love growing flowers, and I love the idea of a real walled garden, and I want to just have a cozy, quiet life there, wearing some of Kathleen Kelly's (Meg Ryan) outfits from You've Got Mail (1998), especially this one:

And I shall invite Shane (Alan Ladd) from Shane (1953) to marry me and live there in our quiet and cozy and calm life because he needs the rest.

Circus or Masquerade 

Well, if I'm going to a masquerade, I need a mask, and that means I am totally wearing this delicious outfit worn by John Reid (Armie Hammer), aka The Lone Ranger (2013).  I have always wanted to wear that whole outfit, with all its layers and its low-slung gun belt and its perfectly wonderful hat.

As for who to take with me, well, the Lone Ranger rarely goes on any adventures without Tonto, so I'd better bring Tonto (Johnny Depp), don't you think?

Fun Bonus Question- It's the 20's (or some other era) and your husband's been murdered. What's your outfit?

Let's assume I lived back in the 1950s and had a dreadful husband (NOT my Cowboy), and I'm not particularly sad he's gone.  BUT, I must preserve propriety by wearing black, so I'll be borrowing this perfectly devastating dress from Betty Haynes (Rosemary Clooney) in White Christmas (1954).  

I'd team up with Sgt. Dave Bannion (Glenn Ford) from The Big Heat (1953) to figure out who killed my husband, and then maybe we'd just stay teamed up after that, him being a widower and me being a widow...

Well, that's that!  I don't know if you had fun reading this, but I sure had fun figuring it all out!

I'm going to tag a few blogs who like movies and such.  If I don't tag you and you want to play, go ahead!  And, if I did tag you and you don't want to play, that's fine too :-)

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  1. "She's good at washing things out of her hair, so she'd probably be good at washing cars, too."

    Steve Rogers voice--"I understood that reference."

  2. What a wonderful romp through your mind and memories of movies and stars that you love! Had a wonderful time traveling with you!!!

  3. So much perfection in this post! Your plan to take Indy along to explore the abandoned castle made me smile. :)

    1. Eva, aww, yay! So glad you enjoyed it :-) I think Indy would love exploring an abandoned castle!

  4. I love this so much! What super fun! Your answers are so you. :-D

  5. Thanks for doing the tag! I definitely did have fun reading it so there's one vote for that.
    Love how often Sherlock Holmes and long black coats cropped up. Yes to everything about those answers in particular.
    A regency picnic would be so pretty.
    Those sunglasses would be perfect for a roadtrip

    1. Elizabeth, glad you enjoyed this! Yeah, Sherlock Holmes is one of my absolute favorite characters, and I actually do own two long black coats because I love them so much :-D

  6. Fantastic choices! Eowyn and Laura Croft get a yes from me. I want Gaby's entire wardrobe.

    1. Thanks, Skye! Yeah, I would wear anything of Gaby's. Gorgeous costumes.

  7. I absolutely love all of your answers!! Why didn't I think of a raincoat for the car wash? Or bringing Indy when exploring? And the black White Christmas dress! Usually I comment on all the things I know because it's only a few, but here I'm familiar with basically all of these! The only exceptions are some of your companions.

    Lately I've been getting even more into Harry Potter (didn't think that was possible) so bringing McGonagall? Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

    1. Chloe, I'm so glad you enjoyed this! :-D

      My youngest is finally 11 and getting to read the first Harry Potter book for the first time. Once she finishes, I plan to let all my kids watch the first movie, and that will probably throw me deep into Pottermania again, lol.


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