Monday, August 17, 2020

Giveaway for Legends of Western Cinema Week 2020

Howdy!  It's time to kick off my giveaway for this year's Legends of Western Cinema Week!  I am giving away FIVE prizes this year!  They are pictured above, but here's a description of them:

+ Prize #1: 1 CD of Elmer Bernstein's soundtrack for The Magnificent Seven (1960).

+ Prize #2: 1 tin of "John Wayne" dark hot chocolate mix from McStevens.  I bought one of these for myself and love it!

+ Prize #3: 1 set of 4 classic westerns on 2 DVDs starring James Stewart, which are Bend of the River (1952), The Far Country (1954), Night Passage (1957), and The Rare Breed (1966).

+ Prize #4: 1 set of 4 classic westerns on 2 DVDs starring Fred MacMurray, Dana Andrews, Audie Murphy, and Rock Hudson, which are The Texas Rangers (1936), Canyon Passage (1946), Kansas Raiders (1950), and The Lawless Breed (1952).

+ Prize #5: 1 set of 4 classic westerns on 2 DVDs starring Randolph Scott, Alan Ladd, Audie Murphy, and Maureen O'Hara, which are Albuquerque (1948), Whispering Smith (1948), The Duel at Silver Creek (1952), and War Arrow (1953).

PLEASE NOTE: The CD and all the DVDs are USED -- they play in my devices, but I cannot guarantee they will play for you.  The DVDs are all Region 1, so they aren't designed to play outside North America.

Also, I have not watched all of these movies, so I cannot guarantee the content level of all of them and whether or not they are all family friendly.  However, I can say that I would allow my own kids to watch the two I've seen most recently, The Rare Breed and Whispering Smith.

This giveaway is open to any country in the world where the USPS is currently shipping.  If you're not sure if your country is or is not currently receiving mail from the US, you can check this handy list.

Must be 18 or older to enter, or have a parent's permission.  Void where prohibited.  Not affiliated with Google, Blogger, Elmer Bernstein, John Wayne, McStevens, or any film production companies.  All prizes purchased by me and shipped by me.

Enter this giveaway using this widget:

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This giveaway ends at 11:59 EST on Friday, August 21.  I will choose the winners on Saturday, August 22.  I will contact them via the email address provided to the widget AND announce them here on my blog.  If a winner does not respond to my notification by Saturday, August 29, they will be disqualified and I will choose a new winner.

Once you've entered, go check out my main Legends of Western Cinema Week post to find links to other people's posts (including other giveaways!).


  1. "Leave a comment" Geez, you'd think I could follow instructions.

    Prize preference: Magnificent 7, chocolate

  2. Exciting prizes!! Ooh, *chanting* I have a collection of tins and must... must... have that tin of chocolate... (kidding -- well, not about the collection of tins or wanting the chocolate), but seriously, I really really like it. ;D So that's my first choice, after that the Mag7 soundtrack or any of the movies. :) Thank you!

  3. Entered mostly for my dad, who is on a western kick. ;)

    My preference order: #3, #5, #2.

  4. Awesome giveaway, as usual. :D In order of liking, #4, #2, and #5.

  5. Hi! Yay! If I should happen to win, I wouldn't want you to have to mail the tin of hot chocolate up here to Canada, particularly since I'm not really a tin-collecting hot chocolate drinker :D

    Hmmm. Hard to pick from the other options though - any of them would be great to win!

  6. "Leave a comment on this post telling me which three prizes you like best."

    #1: Prize #2.
    #2. Prize #3.
    #3: Prize #5.

    But I'd count myself lucky to win any of the above prizes!

    It's not a western, but I know you like all kinds of film classics. This past week I watched the 1945 film "Detour." It's pretty low-budget, but it's so beautifully filmed and stylish and "film noir." It's only an hour and seven minutes long. When I looked up the guy who played the male lead, it turned out he himself had a pretty dark and violent life!

    1. John Smith, interesting! I've read about Detour, but not seen it. Cool!

  7. In order of preference: #4, #1, #3

    What a swell giveaway! Thanks!

  8. My prize preference is the following:

    1. #2
    2. #1
    3. #3

  9. I’d be happy with any, but my first pick would probably be the James Stewart dvd, he’s one of my favorite actors. :)

  10. My choice of prizes would be #3, #4, #2.
    I love Dana Andrews and Audie Murphy as well as Jimmy Stewart. <3

  11. If I get anything I'd like it:
    First, 3.
    Second, 1.
    Third, 5.
    Thanks for hosting!

  12. At last, I was able to watch one of the films I won from you this afternoon. Watched The Lawless Breed. I give it a solid three stars, maybe even three and a half (out of five) although I didn't really like the music and found that kind of detracted from the film for me. I was impressed by how good it looked though, a very nice copy! I'm hoping to get time to watch Canyon Passage before the holidays are over...

    1. VT, glad you had time to watch one of the movies! I haven't seen Lawless Breed yet, so I'll take your word for it. But there's something nice about a solid 3-star movie, isn't there?

      Happy New Year!

    2. I would be nowhere without 3 star movies! I'm quite happy when they make up the majority of my viewing.

      I watched Canyon Passage yesterday. Three and a half stars. It was nice to see a western set in the pacific northwest, and it was very colourful, and the story didn't quite go as I expected. (I am unclear about what in the plot the title was referring to, but didn't care.)

      ;) I started out watching for Dana Andrews perching, but then I got too involved in the story to pay attention and he might well of done it without me noticing.

      Don't know when I'll get a chance to watch the other two films in the set as my holidays are mostly over now, but I'm sure I'll get to them eventually.

      Thanks again!

    3. VT, they're just the meat-and-potatoes of a movie-watcher's life, I think.

      I bought this set myself, years ago, so I could see Canyon Passage... and I still haven't! Oops! So I don't know if Dana Andrews perches in it or not. One of these days, I'll find out :-)

  13. Well, now I feel slightly guilty I wasn't paying enough attention to answer this burning question! :D


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