Sunday, June 02, 2019

Summer 2019 To-Do List

Here we go again.  Hamlette setting some reading and movie-watching goals and trying to keep her life from fraying at the edges.  Business as usual.

(All pics mine from my Instagram account, as usual.)

~ Finish the first draft of my western Snow White retelling or bust!  (Bust what?  I don't know.  My head against my desk, I expect.)

~ Read 3 titles from my Classics Club list

~ Read 6 books off my TBR shelves

~ Read the 3 books for judging the YA section of the INSPY Awards

(I made a book rainbow!  Whee!)

~ Watch 3 movies off my TBW shelves

~ Co-host a blogathon in honor of the 75th anniversary of the D-DAY invasion

~ Co-host a very exciting blog event that we will be announcing later this month

(I love my johnny-jump-ups and they love me.  I'm sure of it.)

~ Go see Dark Phoenix

~ Go see Men in Black: International

~ Go see Toy Story 4

~ Go see Spider-man: Far From Home

(Roses aren't always red, and violets are never blue.  Now you know.)

~ Go see Hugh Jackman's The Man, The Music, The Show (SQUEEEEE!)

~ Visit the Green Valley Book Fair again

~ Visit the National Frontier Trails Museum

~ Make pie more than once

~ Do four jigsaw puzzles with my kids

(We did this puzzle already, actually.  It's just here to be representative of all jigsaw puzzles in general.)

Okay, just looking at all that makes me tired.  Think I can do all of that before the end of August?  We shall see!


  1. I am so excited for your Snow White story! *cheers you on*

    Far From Home is gonna be lit :D Also, the trailer cracked me up so hard. "You do not GHOST Nick Fury!!!"

    1. Katie, ME TOO! I wish it was all done and I could just read it. Heh. One chapter a week is my goal right now, and if I stick to that, I should have the first draft done mid-summer.

      Yeah, I'm pretty excited for that one -- Spidey's been one of my top fave superheroes since I was a teen. Tom Holland is definitely my favorite screen version.

  2. I need to make myself a to do list.
    You got this! I'm excited for your Snow White retelling.
    I want to see all those movies too!

    1. Skye, maybe start small with just a list of the books you want to read this summer, and see how that goes? Or of the movies you want to watch?

      I'm using Holly Lisle's "Summer of Fiction Writing" event to boost myself through the end of this first draft. I'm hoping to post something about that soon -- maybe later today. We'll see!

  3. I hope that you have some great summer inspiration for your story! I am sssooo excited for Far From Home! Can't wait. :) That looks like an awesome puzzle, very fun! I am really interested now in what this mysterious blog event will be...

    1. Thanks, MC! I'm determined to crank out a chapter a week, except when I'm on vacation. I have a hard time writing when it gets hot -- my energy level on a whole takes a nose dive. But if I can finish the first draft over the next couple months, then I can take August off and let my editor gnaw on it, and I can use my returning creative energy in the fall to boost me through rewrites.

      My kids LOVED that puzzle! Even though it was a thousand pieces, we put it together in a single day because everybody could work on a book cover and then slot them in place. SO much fun that I got 4 more like it (only with different covers) to do too. We already finished one of all classic movie posters, and I think next we'll do the one that's all classic children's bedtime stories like "Goodnight, Moon."

      Details on mysterious blog event coming in a couple weeks!


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