Sunday, February 11, 2018

We Love Superheroes Week -- The Tag

What would a week-long blog party be without a tag? Boring, that's what! So here you go! Simply copy these questions, paste them to your own blog and answer them there, and then come back to my blog to add the link to your tag post to the linky widget in the party's master post.

1.  Who are your favorite superheroes?  (Go ahead and list up to five if you want!)

2.  What's your favorite superhero movie?

3.  Do you have a favorite superhero couple?

4.  What was your introduction to the world of superheroes?

5.  If you could be any superhero for a day, who would you like to be?

6.  Do you have a favorite supervillain?

7.  Can you think of a superhero who should get their own solo film, but hasn't yet?

8.  Do you read comic books?

9.  Why do you like superheroes?

10.  Have you ever cosplayed as a superhero?  Feel free to share pics if you want!

Once you've filled out your tag, don't forget to come back and add a link to it on the party's master post here! And then follow the links to other peoples' tags and other posts to make new friends or see what current friends say.

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  1. Welp. This looks like fun.

    1. Favorite superheroes: Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Hawkeye.
    2. Favorite superhero movie: The Winter Soldier. Without question.
    3. Favorite superhero couple: HAWKEYE AND BLACK WIDOW. *glares in Joss Whedon's general direction*
    4. What was your introduction to the world of superheroes? Uh . . . Batman coloring books when I was a little girl?
    5. If you could be any superhero for a day: I think I would be Scarlet Witch because I think I could handle her type of powers a lot better than I could handle most of the others.
    6. Do you have a favorite supervillain? I do not.
    7. Can you think of a superhero who needs a film of their own and hasn't gotten it yet? I'm only gonna say this one more time, Marvel: HAWKEYE AND BLACK WIDOW.
    8. Do you read comic books? No.
    9. Why do you like superheroes? Because they can do the impossible and that's inspiring. <3
    10. Have you ever cosplayed as a superhero? Nope . . .

    I can't wait to read everybody's posts! This is going to be a great party :) :)

    1. Jessica, I get the impression you're a Clintasha shipper? Lol. I... am not. I like them better as a stellar example of platonic, close friendship between two people of opposite gender. (But I am also not a fan overall of the whole "let's ship people that aren't canonical couples" idea, so yeah, there's that.)

      Scarlet Witch would be super cool to be! And I like your reason for liking superheroes, that's a lot like what my answer will be, I think.

    2. Am I a Clintasha shipper?

      Why . . . yes. Yes, I am.

      Exhibit A:

      But yeah ;-) They are the only couple in the MCU that I actually ship; and I ship them pretty hard. Platonic friendship is good, definitely, but that's just not what I see happening between them. (Cap and Natasha are more my idea of a platonic friendship.)

      Uh . . . okay . . . I LOVE non-canonical ships, so there's that ;-) I don't want to be bound by the author's ideas of who should go with whom. I want the freedom to make my own connections between the characters. (And I fully expect readers to make non-canonical ships for my own writing, too; I don't have any problems with that idea.)

      I even look a teensy bit like Scarlet Witch! If I take my glasses off, that is, lol. If I ever cosplayed as a superhero it would probably be her.

  2. Yay! It's here! I'm sorry I haven't done my post yet, my internet was done for a few days.

    1. MC, not a problem! This runs all week, after all :-) Glad your internet is back up!


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