Sunday, February 11, 2018

We Love Superheroes Week -- The Giveaway

The post you've been waiting for, right?  The giveaway!  Feast your eyes on the prizes:

This giveaway is open WORLD-WIDE!  Here are all the pertinent details about the various prizes, along with close-up photos and so on.

There are FOUR bookmarks, one each for FOUR winners:

1. Captain America: Civil War
2. Laminated film cells from Thor
3. More laminated film cells from Thor
4. Wonderwoman

There are THREE sets of buttons, each containing four buttons.  One set each will go to THREE winners!

1.  Zap! Pow! Splatt! Bonk!
2.  Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash
3.  Biff!  Sock!  Bam!  Eeeyow!

There is ONE Avengers-themed set that will go to ONE winner, containing one lenticular spiral mini-notebook and one magnet:

There are TWO list pad sets that will go to TWO winners, one with a Batman-themed magnetic list pad and a Batman pencil with cape, and one with a Wonder Woman-themed magnetic list pad and a Wonder Woman pencil with cape:

ONE S.H.I.E.L.D.-themed set that will go to ONE winner, containing one SHIELD-logo pin and one SHIELD-logo magnet:

ONE brand-new copy of The Incredibles on DVD that will go to ONE winner:

This giveaway runs through the end of Saturday, February 17, 2017. I will choose the winners on Sunday, Feb. 18 and post them here, as well as notify the winners via the email addresses you provide to the giveaway widgets when you enter. Please make sure you use an email address you check often. If I don't hear back from you by Sunday, February 25, I will disqualify you and pick a different winner for what was to have been your prize.

The widget will ask you to leave a comment with your choices of prizes. I do not guarantee that, if you win, you will receive one of the prizes you chose. I try to match people up with things they want the best I can, but sometimes I just can't do it. If there's anything you DO NOT WANT, PLEASE SAY SO in your comment as well.

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  1. Only enter me for any of the Marvel Comics prizes. You can give the DC stuff to someone else.


  2. "Leave a comment on this post telling me which three prizes you like best." Zowie! I guess my top preferences if I win would be: (1) the "Avengers"-themed set; (2) one of the list pad sets; and (3) one of the laminated "Thor" film cells bookmarks.

  3. What an amazing giveaway! My top three preferred prizes are...

    1) Wonder Woman list pad.
    2) Batman list pad.
    3) DC character buttons.

    And just as a heads-up, I already have the SHIELD pin in the SHIELD-themed set (you gave it to me, actually :)).

  4. My favorite thing I would probably like the best are the buttons. :) Anything else is great!

  5. 1) The Incredibles movie
    2) Batman themed pad and pencil
    3) Civil War bookmark

  6. Happy with anything xx Wee bit superhero crazy xx

  7. Yay! I'm so glad I found this blog party. Thanks for hosting! I don't know a lot of DC, but love Marvel. My top 3 choices would be the Shield set, the Avengers set, or the Thor film strip! :O

  8. Superheroes!!!! :D

    I think my fav prizes would be the SHIELD pin + magnet, the Avengers notebook + magnet, and the bookmarks. :)


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