Friday, June 05, 2015

Do You Like Giveaways?

I love giveaways.  I love hosting them, I love entering them, it's all good.  So anyway, today I started my final giveaway for the Little Women Read-Along here over on my book blog, The Edge of the Precipice.  If you like Little Women, go check it out.

Also!  Starting June 15, I will be hosting and participating in something called the Great Book Giveaway Bonanza!  Basically, bunches of blogs will all be kicking off a book giveaway on that day and linking back to this page, which links to all of them.  It's a great way for bloggers to get the word out about their giveaway, and also for everyone to enter bunches of giveaways and win free stuff :-)  Mostly books, yes, but I know at least one of them is going to involve some book-related things too.

If you want to host a book-related giveaway yourself and join in, just visit the page and sign up.  If you want to enter the giveaways, just hurry up and wait for the 15th.  I myself will once again be giving away 20 books, 17 used and 3 new.  Because, well, I love giveaways.


  1. I'm so excited! ;-) Hmm, and you just gave me an idea....

    1. By the way, do you like tags? Cuz I just tagged you....

    2. No, I hate tags and never do them. ::Snort:: I love tags! I'll go check it out, thanks :-)

  2. Sounds like brilliant fun! Which reminds me, I should do a giveaway sometime.... (-:


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