Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Library is Done!

Today, I hung up the last of the artwork I got framed for my library, which means it's now completely decorated!  Not only that, but I'm done decorating most of our house, other than the kitchen repainting project that I'm in the middle of.  More on that some other time when it's going better, but for right now, pictures of the stuff in my library!

I got these all framed at the local frame shop, and while it was more expensive than I was expecting, the results also surpass my expectations, so yay!

The first three are taken from a calendar I bought from the Etsy shop ImmortalLongings a couple years ago.


Much Ado About Nothing

The Taming of the Shrew
I bought this next one online a couple years ago, intending to frame it and hang it up when I had my own house some day.  We've been in Tir Asleen for over two years now, so it's high time I got this done, don't you think?  Anyway, Richard Burton is one of my favorite Hamlets, and I love this pensive shot.  The framer built a deep frame for this so that the whole magazine can be included instead of just the cover.

And this last is the Playbill from when I went to see Hamlet on Broadway a few years ago.  Yes, that's Jude Law, and yes, he was wonderful.  You can read what I thought of it here.

So, here are a few shots of how these are grouped in the library, along with the quote decal I put up a few months ago.

And yes, there's all kinds of stuff piled on top of all my bookcases.  About the only way I can keep a lot of things away from my kids.  And yes, my house is full of so much light that even on a rainy day, I can't get good pictures of these that don't have all kinds of reflections in them.  Did the best I could.

The two magazines are opposite the wall with the quote on it, and the lone Hamlet is opposite the two comedies.

Anyway, I love my library even more now!  Kind of spent a lot of time today just wandering around and admiring the pictures :-)


  1. Weird, this post doesn't show up in my blogger dashboard reading list. I finally went straight to your blog name, and it shows there, but said "posted 0 seconds ago." So strange what websites do, every now and then. Anyway, dig these. They are all very cool and look so nice. And I was about to say you found the absolute coolest matte EVER for the first Hamlet picture, then I realized that what I took for pattern is just a reflection in the glass. Sigh. About those glasses...

    1. Lol, that's me reflected there. But I do have a gorgeous suede matte on that one -- cost as much as two of the regular mattes, but it matched so perfectly, I had no choice.

      That's really weird about the feed -- I will never understand technology.

  2. Oh, how exciting to have one's own library! I'm a bit jealous, though I guess in a way, I had a library too. I converted an extra bedroom to a "schoolroom" during our homeschooling years. It was loaded with books, desks, and computers...not to mention maps of all sorts all over the walls. I guess now that my kids have graduated from high school, I ought to make it more of a "pretty" library like yours.

    I'm not a Richard Burton fan, but I have to say, I love that framed shot of him. Very pensive indeed.

    That wall quote is terrific. What a cool way to decorate.

    Finally, I love your wood floor. I'm at a point in my life when I am sick of carpet and really want wood. Of course, it's not in the budget, so I doubt it will be happening anytime soon. But I do love yours.

    1. I know, it's amazing to me that we have a library. It's also amazing to me that I have a piano! It was originally my grandma's, and then she gave it to my mom when I was little, and now it's mine. So wonderful.

      Richard Burton isn't one of my big favorites, but I do enjoy his movies usually. I really love his turn as Hamlet -- I have the DVD, and also an LP recording of him doing a bunch of speeches.

      I really like my wood floors too. I'm hoping they survive my kids!

    2. Oh, and we have laminate floors upstairs that look like wood, but aren't. Lots cheaper, I'm told.

  3. Gorgeous! I hope I have my own library someday. :)

    1. Thanks! I think these are pieces I'll use for pretty much the rest of my life, wherever we may move.

  4. It all turned out beautifully, my dear! Of course now I absolutely MUST come back to see them all hung up and admire the entire resplendence. Dad really should give you his bust of Shakespeare...

    1. Thanks! I think I hung the two Hamlets a little too high, but I didn't want them getting bumped by small people on the couch. I can lower them when they're older. And the Shakespeare bust is undoubtedly much safer on Dad's shelves than mine!


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