Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I just got back from eating out with N, V, and A, friends from that jury I served on a year ago! We met at a Chinese buffet near here and had the best time reminiscing about our tour of jury duty and catching up on what's been happening to us since then.

I can't believe it's been a whole year already. Here's my journal entry from one year ago today. It was the beginning of the last week of hearing evidence...
@ 10:27pm Mon, 5-16-05

I really like the granola on the breakfast buffet--I have it almost every morning. It was sunnier today. When we got to our jury room, we found gifts from Judge H. and the Clerk of Court: glass mugs with the county seal on one side and our names etched on the other side, with "May 2005" and some words of appreciation. The Lone Male, C., got a special one, with "13 to 1" etched on the bottom :-D So I said if I ever write a book about this, that's what I'll title it :-D We got subs from Erbert & Gerbert's for lunch, then a bunch of us took a brisk walk. It was warm enough most of us shed our coats part way through. Our afternoon stint lasted until after 5pm, and then we all went bowling! I got 66 the first game and 79 the second. We ate supper at the bowling alley too--it was great fun :-D When we got back here around 8, I hung out in the Swiss Room a bit, then came back here and worked on my fanfic story, still called "Summers' Day" for lack of a better working title.

Oh yeah, I woke up way early this morning, so did yoga before breakfast.
It sounds like we had nothing but fun, didn't it? And we did have a good time, really, except when we were in the courtroom itself. Then we were very serious. Oh, and that story I was writing eventually turned into "Dying Like Men" ;-)

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