Monday, April 24, 2006

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm twenty-six now. Closer to fifty than to zero...although, as The Chameleon charmingly pointed out, I'm also still closer to eighteen than to forty :-D

But birthdays are not about ages. Birthdays are about presents! And did I ever get some sweet ones this year! Lots and lots of books, two pounds of chocolates, three cds...and that's just so far!

Cowboy gave me two of the cds. One of them is the Angel soundtrack. Yes, there is a soundtrack, and yes, it is amazing. I've only stopped listening to it once since I got it (other than to go to work last night), and that was to pop in the other cd he gave me, the Serenity soundtrack. But then Angel went right back in the cd's a fabulous soundtrack, with some of my favorite cues from the show on it. A couple of the tracks make me choke up, they're so emotionally perfect, so evocative of my Dead Boy and all his sweeping trials and triumphs. How fitting that my Live Boy should have given it to me. What a great hubby you are, Cowboy!

So here is my absolute favorite picture of Angel: It's from the very end of the season two ep "Lullaby". Angel is holding his newborn son, Connor, kneeling in the middle of a street during a big rainstorm. (Ever notice that most of the dramatic events in Angel's life occur out in the middle of a street in the rain?)

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  1. I loved that ep. That was back when I was still watching it regularly.


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