Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I got to hold Papoose today for the first time! Banana brought him over for a little birthday get-together at our place tonight, and I got to carry him around for quite a while. He'll be six weeks old tomorrow, and he's quite darling. I'm not all that fond of babies (human ones, I mean), but Papoose is a sweetie. He's got the Leatherneck's turned-up nose, big bright eyes, chubby little cheeks (now that he's gotten over the Yoda stage), and he's really into clinging onto his Aunt Hamlette's hair ;-) Just kidding--actually, he liked the collar of my shirt better.

We had lots of fun tonight. First Noumenon and Cowboy and I went to a spaghetti supper at the Ruralsburg Fire Dept, then we came back to our Crypt and El Padre, MamaRuth, Banana, and Papoose came over too. We had cake, which I'd baked yesterday, and ice cream. The cake turned out really well--it's a new recipe and made in a bundt pan, so I was a little nervous. You never know about new recipes, after all. And memories of the bundt pan fiasco at ED's a couple months ago made me widgety, even though I've never had one overflow like hers did (because I don't fill them up to the top). But every time I'd made anything in my bundt pan before (actually, it was my Grandma H's pan originally), when I'd flip it upside down, half the cake would stick to the pan and I'd have to scrape it out and stick it back together with frosting. So this time I made sure to grease the pan really well, and it came out perfectly! I didn't even frost it, I just dusted it with powdered sugar and it looked like something you'd buy at a bakery. It's probably the best-looking cake I've ever made! I should have taken a picture of it.

Anyway, we all sat around and talked and ate cake and ice cream and drank the Coke that Banana thoughtfully provided. El Padre gave me two Coke glasses to add to my ever-expanding collection. They're plastic, in that classic Coke glass design, with lids that look like bottle caps, and then plastic bendy straws. Very groovy.


  1. It's probably the best-looking cake I've ever made!

    But what did it TASTE like, huh, huh? Was it as delectable as it looked?

  2. I thought it was amazing! Rich, sumptuous, has five eggs in it! And two cups of sour cream! And two cups of chocolate chips! Maybe I'll post the recipe here later. It's really quite easy, no complicated steps like whisking eggs or anything. Not quite as easy as Stir-Crazy Cake, it does make a bowl dirty, but still not as complex as some recipes. No orange zest to grate!

    Cowboy's considered opinion was "oof". As in, it was too decadant for him. Silly boy.

  3. he's really into clinging onto his Aunt Hamlette's hair ;-)

    Who needs a backpack, rely on that clinging monkey reflex!


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