Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I went to the dentist this morning. I've been having this weird pain going on in my left lower gum below the last two molars, and the gum had this raised hard bump thing on it. I had scar tissue there from when I had my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 18, but over the last few weeks it's gotten bigger and owier. Like, if I chew Apple Jacks on that side and one slides down the teeth just wrong and hits the gum--yikes!

So I finally called up the dentist this morning after we got home from a lovely bike ride. He had an opening at 10am, and I'd called at 9:45, so we zipped over there. Fortunately the dentist is only 8 blocks away :-D

It turns out that my jaw bone is growing out in a weird direction, so the gum tissue is stretched and that's why it hurts. The dentist says this is fairly common, but it usually happens on the inside of the jaw, under the tongue, and usually both sides will grow out in about the same place. He's never seen one grow on the outside of the jaw, by the cheek, before. He said it's not something to worry about, although if it gets bigger and becomes a real problem, I could go to an oral surgeon and have it chipped down, but there's no guarantee it wouldn't grow right back. The only thing is, I can never get dentures. Good thing I take care of my teeth!

So at least it's not cancer or an infection or something that requires a root canal, right?

In other news, my new fanfic story, "Hide and Seek", is posted on the Hot Joe page at Fruit Salad!


  1. I want a second opinion... Maybe you're growing a trendy crocodile fang. Can you see it on an x-ray?

  2. Yeah, they took x-rays to make sure it was a bone and not like an abcess or something caught down there getting all festery.


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