Wednesday, April 05, 2006

DKoren and I have created our very own Combat! fansite! It's now up and running, and we just introduced it to our fellow C! fans yesterday. We call it Fruit Salad--you know what fruit salad is, right? That's the military slang for the different decorations and medals and ribbons on a soldier's dress uniform. And also, of course, it's a tasty mixture of sweet tidbits that you eat at picnics.

Anyway, all my fanfic is there now, even my Combat!/Angel crossover stories. And DKoren's fanfic is there too, of course. There are several of my stories there that weren't ever posted on Purple Hearts, little short things that are responses to challenges from the fanfic-writers online group. I've also been doing these snarky, goofy reviews of episodes for over a year, so we've got all of my comments on season one there, with season two in the works. Basically, it's a site full of hidden treasure for you to dig up.

Oh yeah, I'm White Queen over there, and DKoren is Thompson Girl. Those are our callsigns in the C! groups...

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