Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Vacation is over :-( Well, mostly. Cowboy is at work tonight, and I go back tomorrow night.

But it was awesome while it lasted! We went back to our college town for a couple days and got to visit with most of our favorite professors and lots of friends. Also, Johnnycake and Dimples go to college there, and so does The Chameleon, so we got to see them. And some of Cowboy's other familial types too. And weirdly enough, this guy named Peter P. that I have known since I was like 2 years old was the desk attendant at our hotel! That made it extra fun :-D

And then on Monday when we were home again, we went to the country's largest indoor waterpark! It's at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells, and it's amazing! I'd actually never been to a waterpark before, and Cowboy had never been to that one, so we had loads of fun. They have this one ride called the Master Blaster that is like a water slide roller coaster! And you know me and my addiction to roller coasters :-D Yeah, I think we went down that one four times. They have six major slides there, and then a really long cool Lazy River, a fortress thingie with water squirters everywhere that you can aim at other people, a wave pool, three or four hot tubs, and some pools for little kids too. Oh, and they had this thing where you could learn to surf, but you had to sign up for lessons a day in advance, so we just got to watch other people learning.

Anyway, I wish vacation wasn't over. How come you have to wait until you're old to be on permanent vacation?

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