Monday, January 17, 2005

How about a little stroll down memory lane? Here are entries from my journals from the last ten years. I sort of chose the most interesting and representative from between Jan 16-19 for each year, that's why the dates vary. Also, during college I only journaled once or twice a week, so sometimes I had only one from that time frame anyway...oh, and I edited names mentioned to fit with my ultra-paranoid & highly silly code, just FYI (ie I don't always write 'Cowboy' when I mention my husband, I usually write his actual name)

@9:26am Fri/Sat, 1-16-04
After Cowboy left for work, I folded the laundry and watched A Streetcar Named Desire. No one but Brando should ever play Stanley Kowalski. Although I remember reading the play in high school & I think it ended differently. Hmm. Anyway, while I was at work tonight it rained & sleeted, and it took me 25 min today to chip off the layer of solid ice from the car windows before I could drive home. We watched more M*A*S*H with supper. If you heat up Dr. Pepper and drink it poured over a slice of lemon, it tastes exactly how I always imagined hot tea should taste.

@11:09pm Sat, 1-18-03
Today we slept in, had oatmeal for breakfast, and then I went to work to get in some overtime. After that I went to the library down the hill and also to the mall (there were sidewalk sales!). After I got home, Pebbles called and we chatted a bit. Cowboy & I had liver & onions for supper and watched The Second Stain (another delicious Sherlock Holmes starring Jeremy Brett). Then we repotted the spider plant I've had since I was 9, because it acquired some sort of nasty mold when we lived in Larson and had never recovered. Oh, I got a letter from Christy M. (in MI) yesterday! Anyway, I watched Trading Spaces tonight, and then ED & MB came over and we all watched Much Ado About Nothing (except Cowboy, who decided to play his Civ II computer game instead). "Man is a giddy thing."--Benedick in Much Ado...

@1:20am Fri, 1-18-02
After classes, I took Tammy to the post office. Later, ED, Cowboy, & I went to see The Fellowship of the Ring! This was my third time, and I kept noticing new things! For instance, I picked up on Boromir's darling fondness for Merry and Pippin more this time. And the suspicion that after Boromir dies, Aragorn takes his wriest things--it's confirmed :-D Anyway, we ate supper at the VV, then watched The Adventures of Baron Mancheusan. Don't ask, it was...weird. Then we found Arnold Schwartzeneggar's first movie (on AMC!)--Hercules in New York. Very funny :-) Now ED & I are watching The Newton Boys. Since we're both roommateless (Mandles & MB are both in Choraliers, and at the Retreat Center this weekend), ED's staying up here tonight. Mmm, Matthew McCounaghy (sp?) is delicious, he surely is.

@2:26am Fri, 1-19-01
MY LIFE SUCKS! Okay, last weekend, the Choraliers group went to the Retreat Center to rehearse. On the way up there, we watched Chicken Run. Tuesday, Cowboy & I watched Angel. Wed, ED & Pebbles went to Iowa, and Pebbles and Chris broke up. Yesterday they came back, we had a big discussion, and now I'm going to move in with Mandles this weekend. ED & Pebbles (who are suddenly best buds and have decided Cowboy & I are too much) are in Iowa again right now. Cowboy & I went to see Miss Congeniality together tonight. Right now it's us vs. everyone.

@3:01pm Monday, 1-17-00
The first week of classes went by fast! Oh, I'm keeping a daily journal for Creative Writing, so for now this will probably end up as just a place to record movies & tv & books. This week & weekend we watched Deep Blue Sea, Anne of Green Gables, part of Real Genius, part of Space Balls, Stagecoach, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I, With Honors, of course Friends on Thurs, and ED & Pebbles & I went to see Girl, Interrupted. Oh, I saw The Long Kiss Goodnight at Mandle's too.

Let's see, this past week we saw a Blind Man's Bluff concert and fell in love with them! They're an acapella group and sooooo awesome. H-o-t too :-D. This weekend we watched Gone with the Wind, Lethal Weapon (I'm in love! Mel is so crazy & sexy!), and Dirty Dancing. We had Choraliers practice today. I started reading Citizen Soldiers by Stephen E. Ambrose for Lit.

Saturday, 1-17-98
Yesterday Mom & I walked. At 3:30pm, we met at the extension office to go to...Winterfest!! Heidi, LTD, Linsey, Alesha, Jaimi, Michael, Tait, Burke, & Cody went from our county. We ate supper at Taco Bell. We then went to Appalachian Ski Resort. I ice-skated for the first time. It is hard! I liked it though. Then we all went to the extension office in Boone. (Everyone from the other counties in our district too). From 11 to 1 we had a dance. Yeah, I even danced! We slept from 2-7:30. After breakfast we played two crowdbreaker/leadership games. Then we had Pizza Hut pizza for dinner. Finally we paired off and wrote children's books for day care centers as our community service project. We got back to Taylorsville around 3pm today. I really had a lot of fun. Tonight my family & I went to a community concert. It was called Elite Syncopation. It was awesome ragtime music! Man, I am bushed.

Friday, 1-17-97
When we woke up this morning, to our dismay we discovered that our water pipes froze last night. Nevertheless, I walked downstairs and finished reading Stoner's Crossing by Judith Pella (it was extremely good). We did art this morning. I finished this great picture of a buffalo skull, etc. We did school until 3:30 this afternoon, at which time we all went to Hickory. At Media Play I ordered the Fugitive soundtrack cd for only $9.99! We also went to Wal-Mart and K-Mart. I sent a letter to Christy today. Oh, I bought a magazine for LTD's birthday at K-Mart. When we got home, we watched an Andy Griffith. Then we watched 2 Rifleman episodes (one had Dan Blocker in it!). Then Dad had to study, so Mom, Johnnycake, & I watched the Dr. Quinn episode Heidi loaned us. Matthew arrested Sully for robbery, and Sully has to serve a 3-week jail sentence! :-( Then we watched an Early Edition on the same tape. I must agree with Heidi: Gary Hobson (Kyle Chandler) is handsome in a cute way. Oh, our pipes finally unfroze.

I walked downstairs today. We did school. I had art class at Patricia's. I'm reading a book called Like a Lady. Then we all went to Hickory. I bought some paints & stuff at Jo-Belle's first of all. Then we went to Media Play. It's always very neat in there. There Dad bought Rio Grande (J.W., M.O'H.) and Mom bought It's Always Fair Weather!!! We've been searching for the latter for several years. Gene Kelly dances on roller skates in it! Then we went to the mall, and I bought "Journey to Babel" (Star Trek) at Reel Collections. I've wanted to see that particular episode for ages. Then we ate at Ragazzi's (actually, I think that was before the mall). We also went to Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, K-Mart, and Brendle's. This is definitely an A+ day!

I went and helped at storyhour this morning. This afternoon I got my eyes checked for drivers-ed. Mom is getting the cold. Johnnycake & I taped some songs with my radio tonight.


  1. You've been keeping these for a long time! My journal keeping has always been sporadic, though I do have several notebooks filled, including one all in Spanish from when I was living there.

    Which is better, the written-for-others in-depth journal entries of a blog or these short travel logs that jog your memory about many experiences at once? Like the sentence "I bought some paints & stuff at Jo-Belle's first of all" probably reminds you of a bunch of stuff about Jo-Belle's that you remember, but it doesn't tell you much that you don't remember about your past self. But if you went into all that, you probably wouldn't bother mentioning Jo-Belle's at all because you did so much else that day.

  2. Yeah, I got my first journal when I was like 6. Sometime I'll post a few of the earliest entries, complete with 6-year-old spelling. But I started journaling regularly at the end of 1994, when I was 14. That was about when I started really getting into the whole writing thing.

    My journals vary. They'll just be dry recounts of my activities for weeks, little one-or-two-paragraph blurbs. Then all of a sudden you'll get a 3-page rant about something. Or 10 pages of exuberance.


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