Saturday, January 15, 2005

Baby, it's cold outside! Both yesterday and this morning as I came home from work, the bank thermometers read -6!! Yesterday there was a windchill of -19, but I think it's less today. Yikers! When I stepped out into the parking lot this morning, my first breath felt like it frosted the lining of my lungs. I think I've been watching too much CSI: Miami, cuz I had a sudden vision of frosty air entering my nostrils and whooshing down my nasal passages and into my lungs, turning everything it passed white and crackly. On my way to the car, I passed some frozen eggs. As in, someone had dropped 3 or 4 eggs on the parking lot, where they had then frozen. Ever seen frozen eggs? The yellows kinda shrank and wrinkled up, but the whites got foamy, like mildy-melted styrofoam. And yeah, I do know what styrofoam looks like when it gets a little toasty...let's just say my brother and I were very experimental and creative...

Hey, on a totally different subject, I finished the first draft of my Combat!/Angel fanfic crossover mystery! No, Housekarl, you can't read it yet. Not unless you want to beta it, that is ;-) But my C!-fanfic-list pal DII (aka Doc II) is beta-ing it for me. I think this is the first time I've had her beta anything for me, and I'm hoping she doesn't just do a "this is nice, I like this, this is nice" kind of beta. Not that I don't like finding out what parts work for my beta-er (and thus will probably work for my other readers)...but I really need to know what doesn't work. I don't feel I've been well and truly beta-d unless they've gotten me to argue with them over something, at least in my head.

Cowboy (aka Orance to some of you) is hungry, supper's ready, to the Angelmobile! Away!

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