Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Bwa-ha-ha! My evil plots are succeeding! I've got all sorts of people that I love reading and watching all sorts of books, tv shows, and movies that I love!

My Cowboy just read The Indian in the Cupboard and is currently reading a Raymond Chandler mystery, Farewell, My Lovely.

My brother is reading Raymond Chandler.

The Housekarl has read The Indian in the Cupboard and a Raymond Chandler mystery, The Big Sleep. He's also watched two eps of Combat!.

The Chameleon is now an affirmed Combat! fan, has also read The Indian in the Cupboard, and I think is now reading Raymond Chandler's The Lady in the Lake.

And Banana has now seen, and liked at least somewhat even if she won't always admit it, all three Lord of the Rings movies!

So you see, I'm well on my way to world-domination, hee hee hee.

If only it was as easy for me to spread the Gospel as it is for me to tell people about books or movies or tv shows...


  1. If only it was as easy for me to spread the Gospel as it is for me to tell people about books or movies or tv shows...Yeah, it feels so good when you find you have influence on somebody's TV viewing habits, it should be so satisfying to know you influenced their spiritual life!

    The Gospel itself doesn't seem to be something people really get into. Christianity is like a fan community that started its own website with F2Fs and then their show got canceled, so that eventually they started attracting people just based on the attractiveness of the community instead of what fun there is in rehashing old episodes -- I mean, testaments. So you can get a couple people interested in the actual texts that spawned the fandom, but really, in 2000 years, not a lot of people are going to be enthralled by old _Buffy_ episodes. If the Buffistas still exist, they're going to be spreading by social networking.

    So here's how you spread your shows: you make people cookies and are a friendly person, and you find areas where people's fandom intersects with yours, and based on those two things you become a trusted source for recommendations. So you need to find some people who do something that intersects with your Christian fandom, and then stretch their horizons toward more Christian stuff. The problem is Christianity doesn't generate a lot of fandoms, other than choral singing, Veggie tales, and Habitat for Humanity type stuff. And even the ones that are fun might not attract people who would get into Gospel fandom. This comment is pretty much a waste of time, then, I guess. oh well.

  2. Hmm. Maybe you're right. Maybe being the mad cookies-and-brownies-baker, the visiter of injured people, the organizer of family Movie Nights...maybe this is my quiet way of witnessing. You know, being an example or something. Not sure if the Bible mentions chocolate chips as a way to spread the Gospel, but you never know!

    I HAVE had people, like at work, ask me how come I'm so happy (or as I like to think of it, irrepressibly cheerful) all the time. Instead of grinning and shrugging, maybe I should say, "Because Jesus loves me." Or, you know, something to that effect. Cuz that really is the base reason.

  3. Yup, Rachel, your sweet, happy winsomeness is one of your best qualities, and that's what people will notice about you and what will bring them to Christ through you.

    Come to think of it, people have asked me a lot of times why I'm so happy, too, and the hardest thing to do is witness through it. It's a lot easier to just let it go, but then, sometimes, you're a witness without saying a word. Your life is a witness without any words. Your actions have told more people than you know what you believe and stand for.


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