Monday, July 19, 2021

Giveaway for Legends of Western Cinema Week 2021

I have been looking forward to this giveaway so much!  I found some of my favorite western TV shows on DVD at the used bookstore this spring and knew I needed to share them with fellow western fans!  Plus, I found the cutest notecards that I know some of you will get a big kick out of, like I do :-)  So I'm giving three sets of those away too!

There are SIX prizes for this year's giveaway, as shown above and detailed below:

Prize 1: the first season of The Big Valley (aired 1965-66) used on DVD (5 discs)

Prize 2: the first season of Wanted: Dead or Alive (aired 1958-59) used on DVD (4 discs)

Prize 3: both seasons of The Magnificent Seven (aired 1998-2000) used on DVD (5 discs)

Prizes 4, 5, and 6: a set of six cowboy-themed greeting cards with envelopes.  These cards are blank inside and measure 4"x6".  THREE winners will EACH win ONE set of six cards and envelopes.

To enter this giveaway, simply use this handy widget: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You'll notice that one way to get extra entries is by leaving a comment on this post giving my your prize preferences.  You are welcome to tell me which prizes you DO want to win, as well as any you DO NOT want to win (for instance, if you already own a show or never use notecards).  I can't guarantee that winners will receive their first choice of a prize!  But I do try to match them whenever I can.

Another way to get extra entries is by participating in this blog party with a post of your own.  That can be anything from filling out the official tag to writing a review, or whatever you dream up.  My official kick-off post provides more information on ways to participate.

This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE.  If the USPS ships to your country, you are eligible.  However, you must be 18 or older in order to enter, or have a parent's permission to provide your mailing address.  PLEASE make sure you sign into the widget with an email address you check REGULARLY.  

This giveaway runs through 11:59pm EST on Saturday, July 24, 2021.  I will choose six winners on Sunday, July 25, and announce their names/handles here on my blog, and I will also use the email address provided to contact each winner and ask for their mailing address.  Winners have one week to reply.  If I do not receive a mailing address from a winner by Saturday, July 31, I will disqualify that winner and choose a new winner for that specific prize.  

This giveaway is not affiliated with Blogger, Google, the USPS, Rafflecopter, or anyone else.  I purchased all prizes myself and will pay to ship them myself.  All DVDs are USED and I cannot guarantee they will work in your player.  They are all REGION 1 discs and will not play in most DVD players on other continents.  Please check the region specifications of your DVD player before you enter if you do not live in North America.

All these DVDs are used.  I did not have time to try them all in my DVD player, but the shop I bought them from has always sold me good, playable discs.  I don't guarantee that they will work for you.

Any questions?  Good luck!!!


  1. I don't need The Big Valley or W:DOA, but any of the other prizes I'd be fine with winning. =) Thanks for putting together this giveaway!

    1. Eva, sounds good! You know I've been planning this for months and months ;-)

  2. What a fantastic giveaway I would be very happy with any of the 3 Dvds.

  3. I'm Big Valley-ed up and I don't really need anything but part of the fun is being in the hat.

    1. Caftan Woman, being Big Valley-ed up is a wonderful way to live, isn't it? ;-)

  4. I don't need TV shows, but the notecards are cute! I'm looking forward to reading everyone's posts and taking further part! :)

  5. Just got my giveaway up(!) so now I can come over here with a clear conscience. xD

    And oooooh..... what goodies!!! 🤩

    The note cards are just lovely, but I am trying to pare down my stationery collection... Possibly... At least that was my resolution yesterday. ;P And I do already own W:DOA.

    But oh my goodnesssss!!!! Is that Mag7 what I think it is?!?!? With you-know-who?? I really really reeeeeeeeeaaaallly want that!!! Oh boy, now I'm going to be on utter and complete pins and needles. Yes please!!!! XD

    1. Heidi, I shall have to pop over and check yours out post-haste ;-)

      This is the complete CBS TV version of Mag7 with Michael Biehn and Eric Close -- it's become one of my absolute favorite western series, second only to The Big Valley. Is that the one you're thinking of???

    2. Heidi, oh, I just realized you might have meant is this the Mag7 show with Dale Midkiff in it -- yes, it is!!!

  6. This would be a treat to surprise my husband - I know he would love the dvds & I am a big fan of the note cards. So, if I win, it's your pick.

  7. I look forward to entering all these lovely LOWCW giveaways every year!

    I'd love to have a copy of Big Valley or WDOA TV shows. I've seen them both and am a big fan! And would love to own a copy of my own.

    I don't need any of the other prizes. Thanks for hosting this event!

    1. Annie, I look forward to hosting them too! I actually just got something to hang onto for a prize for next year :-o

  8. This Western-themed week is so fun!

    I'd be interested in The Big Valley set, Wanted set, or any of those postcards to be honest :) Thank you for hosting this, Rachel! Unfortunately I don't have the time to participate this year, but I'm certainly looking forward to reading those other posts.

    ~CC / CM /

    1. CC/CM, I'm glad you're enjoying the week, even if you don't have time to contribute anything! Reading through the posts is great fun, isn't it?

    2. HI Hamelette!

      EEK!! I'm SO HAPPY that my comment went through and was able to be posted!! :) <3 I think you shall be seeing a lot more of me here.... ;)

      Oh and absolutely! I love Westerns getting the spotlight :)



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