Thursday, July 22, 2021

Build Your Own Western Adventure Game

Good morning, pals of the saddle!  How'd you like to play another game today?  Step right up and design your very own wild west adventure by choosing from the following options!  Add your answers together and share them in the comments so we can all enjoy seeing what hi-jinks everyone gets up to.

Your Nickname

Your Official Cowboy Nickname is formed by adding your first name/user name + the state/province you were born in + a nickname determined by your favorite color:

  • Red = Cayuse
  • Pink = Kid
  • Orange = Coyote
  • Peach = Bronco
  • Yellow = Sidewinder
  • Green = Sureshot
  • Blue = Tumbleweed
  • Teal = Wildcat
  • Purple = Whirlwind
  • Anything else = Terror

(That makes me Rachel, the Iowa Whirlwind, for example.)

Your Role

What you had for breakfast today determines what role you'll play in the adventure:

  • Pancakes or waffles = the hero/heroine
  • Cereal = the sidekick
  • Doughnuts = the love interest
  • Muffins = the school teacher
  • Eggs = the bartender
  • Toast = a cowhand
  • Fancy pastry = a ranch owner
  • Anything else = a drifting gunslinger
  • Nothing = the villain's sidekick

Your Story's Setting

What you're wearing on your feet determines where your adventure takes place:

  • Socks only = a cavalry fort
  • Sneakers/tennis shoes = a successful ranch
  • Sandals = the desert
  • Boots = the open range
  • High heels = a gold rush boomtown
  • Bare feet = a struggling farm
  • Slippers = a small frontier town
  • Anything else = a saloon

Your Enemy

Who is squaring off with you at high noon in the middle of... wherever it is you are?  The second letter of your middle name determines your foe:

  • A-E = your long-lost cousin
  • F-J = your grandma's new boyfriend
  • K-O = your mom's old sweetheart
  • P-T = your childhood best friend
  • U-Z = your dad's boss

The Reason for the Duel

Why are you facing them down, ready to shoot them as soon as they twitch a hand toward their own sidearm?  Well, because they did something terrible to you, obviously.  What was it?  Your favorite cowboy movie star determines their crime:

  • John Wayne = refused to help you capture your father's killer
  • Alan Ladd = pretended to be your long-lost brother
  • James Stewart = rustled your family's cattle
  • Gary Cooper = sent your brother to prison
  • Roy Rogers = punched your horse in the face
  • Randolph Scott = jumped your gold mine claim
  • Henry Fonda = shot your dog
  • Steve McQueen = spat in your whiskey
  • James Garner = lied to you about whether or not your gun was loaded
  • Clint Eastwood = stole your family Bible
  • Sam Elliott = poisoned your watering hole
  • Tom Selleck = got you drunk and then tickled you

(If your favorite cowboy movie star is not there, just pick the one you like best out of those twelve.)

Now, tell us in the comments what your adventure is all about!  Here's mine:

I'm Rachel, the Iowa Whirlwind, a drifting gunslinger who wandered onto a struggling farm where I'm now facing down my dad's boss because he refused to help me capture my father's killer!  (Seems like a good reason for a shoot-out to me!)

Please note that comments are still on moderation because of the first game, so your comment will not show up immediately.  It will as soon as I see and approve it, okay?


  1. I'm Paddy, Ontario's Sureshot, a ranch owner in a small frontier town. I have to face down my mother's old sweetheart because he jumped my gold mine claim. I don't know when I have been more annoyed!

    1. Well, Paddy, I would be annoyed too! I mean, the nerve of some people! And your own mother's one-time sweetheart, too. Sheesh.

  2. Hi. I'm Bev, the Iowa Wildcat. I'm the town school teacher. I'm just standing outside the saloon, wondering what to do about my mom's old sweetheart, who rustled my family's cattle.

    1. Hi, Bev, the Iowa Wildcat! One can't help but wonder why you were loitering outside that saloon... ;-)

  3. I'm Johanna, the Kentucky Kid, a drifting gunslinger at the saloon, about to fight my childhood best friend, because no ones going to get away with punching my horse in the face.

    1. Johanna, the Kentucky Kid has such a nice ring to it :-D And how dare anyone punch your horse in the face? Definitely grounds for a fight!

  4. Howdy. Veetea the Manitoba Tumbleweed here. My long-lost cousin just come back into my life, only to up and punch my horse in the face. They never was too polite. Now, seeing as how I'm a drifting gunslinger, there-a gonna be learnin' the error of their ways, real soon, just as soon as I've finished roasting this here chicken, what I borrowed from that little farm back there.

    1. Veetea, the Manitoba Tumbleweed -- nice! I hope you teach your cousin a lesson in how to treat a horse right.

  5. I just couldn't resist using a horse-punching incident in my little story!

  6. I'm Eva, the Ontario Terror (just because I cannot choose a favorite color!), a drifting gunslinger who comes to a struggling farm, and who has to square off with my dad's boss because they pretended to be my long-lost brother. (*weeps because Glenn Ford wasn't on that list of cowboy movie stars*)

    That sounds like an...interesting story. o.O

    1. Sorry, Eva. I don't have Gregory Peck or Burt Lancaster in here either. Or Kevin Costner. Or William Holden. Maybe next year!

      I do love how these little vignettes could actually get rounded out into pretty interesting stories!!!

    2. Yes! It makes a great story prompt generator actually.

  7. Better late than never... Howdy, I'm Andy, the Vineyard Mountain Sureshot. (Why Vineyard Mountain? Because I'm an immigrant, and the region in old Europe where I come from boasts lovely hills and lots of vineyards...) I'm a cowhand in a small frontier town and I've got to confront my dad's boss, because he had the nerve to pretend to be my long-lost brother, for reasons that elude me, but it broke my mom's heart. Trouble is, I don't really want to rough him up, because he looks so much like a man I really adore, who was involved in a similar scheme but ultimately repented. *Sigh* don't know what to do...

    1. Hello there, Andy the Vineyard Mountain Sureshot! You know, sometimes it takes a little tough love to remind a guy you happen to be crazy about that behaving himself and not trying to swindle someone out of a fortune would be the better option. Maybe you could just wound him in the arm and then nurse him back to health? Bonus points because that would give him a legit reason for his shirt to be removed...

  8. LOL!!! Thanks, Rachel the Iowa Whirlwind – that's exactly what I'm going to do! Problem solved... with A-number-one bonus points ;-)

    1. Always go for those bonus points ;-) Especially when you've got a star who enjoys showing off!

  9. Howdy. *tips hat* I'm Chloe the Montanan Tumbleweed. Don't mind me, I'm just a drifting gunslinger who has settled down at this cavalry fort. I'm looking for my mom's old sweetheart who is in big trouble for rustling my family's cattle and during that lying to me about whether or not my gun was loaded.

    1. Howdy, Chloe! Always a pleasure to meet a Montana Tumbleweed. I hope you find that sidewinder you're looking for!

  10. Well, apparently I'm a drifting gunslinger who's fetched up on a struggling farm and am having a difference of opinion with my childhood best friend, who won't help me capture my father's killer (and I'm not too keen on the way he treats horses, either). Somewhere along the way I've acquired the nickname of New York Bronco, which must have another story behind it.

    1. As one drifting gunslinger to another, Elisabeth the New York Bronco, I hope you teach your childhood best friend a good lesson!

  11. For rather ridiculous personal reasons I'm just going to put Canada instead of a province. Anyway, so I'm Canada Sureshot, I'm a villain's sidekick. I'm on a struggling farm about to square off with my long-lost cousin who spat in my whiskey.

    Based on how I wrote this it also sounds like I'm in an AA meeting and I probably shouldn't have been drinking whiskey earlier XD
    I also hope this is a very long-lost cousin because the only cousins I have that I know about are under the ages of 8 which would take away the glory of my stand-off considerably. Maybe if I get him to stand on a hill he'll be at the same level as me. Maybe I should be less petty, but as a villain's sidekick I'm about due for a full villain promotion. Although killing kids might not be my proudest moment.

    1. Elizabeth, sorry it's taken me so long to reply!

      I'm really having fun imagining a villain who would have the Canada Sureshot for a sidekick. And what a rascally cousin to do such a thing to a good shot of whiskey! Though it does kind of sound like something a kid would do, and think they can get away with. Maybe it should be squirt guns at high noon?

  12. Took a minute off from cleaning house and pulling together my movie review to pop over here as I really need to know where I'm headed in all this. (Btw, I'm so so glad you were able to do this one! Such fun. xD)

    Anyhow, I'm Heidi, the Cali Tumbleweed, come back to my husband's struggling ancestral family farm, only to have his mother's old sweetheart spit in his whiskey. Talk about troubles. (Actually, that would disturb him. I've just realized this is actually all too real. XD) So clearly we're headed for a heated altercation at the least -- and very probably flying bullets -- but as I'm the sidekick I'll just stay by the door ready to toss him his rifle at an apropos time and/or be ready to grab the horses if necessary.

    1. Heidi, yeah, this one turned out pretty amusing. Do we think I can pull off one for the Tolkien party next month? We shall see...

      Oh my goodness, you have the makings of a very dramatic story here! I love that you'll be there to hand out weaponry and/or facilitate a getaway as needed :-D


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