Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The Marvel Heroes Movie Tag

While filling out the Disney Princess Book Tag for my other blog recently, I thought to myself, "You know what would be even more fun than this?  A tag that compared stories to the Avengers."

And the more I thought about that, the more fun it sounded, so... I created one!  With a little help from my best friend on some of the categories. Like that princess tag, this isn't a tag devoted to superheroes, but rather one that uses attributes of the various characters to create categories that you then fill in with other movies.  Make sense?

Also, I got kind of carried away with adding characters, and so now there are like twenty categories.  What can I say?  I'm enthusiastic.  (Probably because I'm still riding the wave of giddy joy that is Thor: Ragnarok.)

Captain America: Name a movie with a "fish out of water" theme.  I love those!  Ball of Fire (1941) is a wonderful one.

Thor: Name a movie about learning to use power for the good of others.  I think King Arthur (2017) fits that theme nicely.

Iron Man: Name a movie about an inventor.  I get such a big kick out of The Absent-Minded Professor (1961).

Incredible Hulk: Name a movie with a main character who has two sides to them.  How about Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), where nerdy Dr. Jones is also a devil-may-care adventurer?

Hawkeye: Name a movie that involves archery.  Doesn't get much better than The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) when it comes to archery in a movie!

Black Widow: Name a movie about spies.  The Man from UNCLE (2015) is always going to be my choice for this one.

Black Panther: Name a movie about royalty.  I really like Roman Holiday (1953) and its look at the pressures and responsibilities of being royal.

Vision: Name a movie involving androids or robots.  How about I, Robot (2004)?

Spider-man: Name a movie about teens.  Not a huge fan of teen movies, but I will always love Ten Things I Hate About You (1999).

Ant Man: Name a movie about thieves.  Doesn't get much better than the original Ocean's 11 (1960).

Scarlet Witch: Name a movie with powerful female character.  Giant (1956) has two powerful women in it: Luz (Mercedes McCambridge) and Leslie (Elizabeth Taylor).

Dr. Strange: Name a movie where a character learns to be a better person.  I'll go with Gentleman's Agreement (1947).

Falcon: Name a movie with a great sidekick.  Raise your hand if you adore the sidekicks in A Knight's Tale (2001)!  Mark Addy and Alan Tudyk just kill in their roles.

Loki: Name a movie with an antagonist/villain who steals the show.  You already know I'm going to answer 3:10 to Yuma (1957) for this.  I watch it primarily for Glenn Ford's Ben Wade, who is the antagonist and so fantastic I can hardly stand it.

Agent Coulson: Name a movie where an ordinary character faces an extraordinary situation.  I love how Sarah (Mary Louise Parker) in RED (2010) handles having the nice guy she's crushing on turn out to be a retired (extremely dangerous) spy.

Peter Quill: Name a movie with a character who is more than they appear to be.  I'll go with Cars (2006).  At first you think Doc Hudson (voiced by Paul Newman) is just a cranky old coot, but he's so much more.

Gamora: Name a movie with a character who changes allegiances.  John Reid (Armie Hammer) does that memorably in The Lone Ranger (2013), going from a law-spouting lawyer to a law-flouting vigilante.

Drax: Name a movie with a physically powerful character.  How's about Hercules (2014)?  I mean, I could basically go with any movie Dwayne Johnson is in, but that seems like the most logical choice.  And it's probably my fave of his movies.

Groot: Name a movie with a character who doesn't talk much.  In The Magnificent Seven (1960), Britt (James Coburn) only has 7 or 8 lines.  It's pretty fascinating to see how much he conveys with body language and facial expressions only.

Rocket: Name a movie with a talking animal.  It's a Dog's Life (1955) is all about a dog named Wildfire, voiced by Vic Morrow, and his travails as he goes from living on the streets to fighting other dogs to finally finding a home.

I hereby tag the following bloggers:

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And Anybody Else Who Wants To Do This Tag!!!


  1. I grinned when I saw this post come up in my feed. Such a great idea! My answers probably won the up for a while, because I need to write about my trip, but I look forward to Mnswering this.

    I might have to reuse some of your answers, though. Especially the one for the 'villain who steals the show'. ;)

    1. Thanks, Eva! Take your time doing this -- it's not going to go stale. I look forward to your answers! And I will not mind a bit if you use some of the same ones ;-) Can't wait to read more about your trip too!

  2. Cool! Thanks for the tag! But this is going to take a bit of thought. Some of these categories I cant think of anything for yet.

    1. You're welcome, DKoren. Thanks for your help with this! And yeah... it took me quite a while to come up with answers for some of them myself. And I changed my mind on some of them, too. Which is why it took me a while to finish it.

  3. So going to do this, thanks! You made some interesting comparisons I wouldn't have thought of!

    1. Glad you dig it, Jamie! Can't wait to see what your answers are :-)

  4. I have never seen A Knights Tale all the way through, but those sidekicks are seriously the best.

    1. MC, whaaaaaaat? You've only seen part of it? But why?

      And yeah, they are just too darling for words. Want to hug them.

    2. Well, I have only seen bits of it on TV, and whenever it is on I have to go somewhere in 10 minutes, so I watch snippets, mostly the same snippets.

      The way they do things are just hilarious! A Knight's Tale wouldn't be complete without them. :D

    3. MC, ahhh. I have movies in my life like that too.

  5. :D Roman Holiday! One of my favorite movies ever!

    Other than that one...I haven't seen many of these. Just Raiders of the Lost Ark and Cars.

    1. Elanor, I can see that it would be a fave! It's just delicious.

  6. Okay, I'm going to try to answer these! I may not get all of 'em, owing to having seen relatively few movies in my life; but I'm going to give it a shot.

    1. Captain America--fish out of water: Definitely "Wonder Woman." Steve and Diana both.
    2. Thor--learning to use powers for the good of others: How about "Moana"? She's got powers and is trying to figure out how to use them, right?
    3. Iron Man--inventor: "Meet the Robinsons"! Cute and funny.
    4. Hulk--MC with two sides to them: "Legally Blonde." Always "Legally Blonde." I love that movie because my best friend watched it with me :)
    5. Hawkeye--archery: Other than "The Avengers"? Nothing. Sorry.
    6. Black Widow--spies/espionage: "Thirteen Days" technically involves espionage because we're spying on the Russian missile installments, so I'm gonna go with that. Because Hamlette already said "Man from UNCLE."
    7. Black Panther--royalty: "The King's Speech." Powerful stuff.
    8. Vision--androids/robots: "Wall-E." ALWAYS "Wall-E." I LOVE THAT MOVIE MORE THAN IS GOOD FOR ME. <3
    9. Spider-Man--teenagers: "The Breakfast Club." Because #epic.
    10. Ant-Man--thieves: "The Book Thief." No, I am not cheating. Don't look at me like that :-P
    11. Scarlet Witch--powerful female character: I'm going with "Bernadette," mostly because she has a lot of SPIRITUAL power, and that's honestly the most important kind anyway. Plus it's a favorite story of mine.
    12. Dr. Strange--character who learns to be a better person: "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Which is probably my favorite movie, ever, ever. <333
    13. Falcon--great sidekick: "National Treasure." #listentoRiley
    14. Loki--antagonist/villain who steals the show: Definitely "Bleak House." *shivers slightly*
    15. Agent Coulson--ordinary character, extraordinary situation: "Stand By Me." Dead bodies don't show up every day, I should think.
    16. Peter Quill--character who's more than meets the eye: "Hunchback of Notre Dame." Because Quasimodo is awesome.
    17. Gamora--character who changes alliances: "Rogue One" has some alliance-switching going on, if I remember right.
    18. Drax--physically powerful character: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . "The Incredibles"?
    19. Groot--character who doesn't talk much: "Tangled." Because PASCAL. Aka my spirit animal. *hugs him*
    20. Rocket--talking animal: I'm just gonna go with "Bambi" because it's a classic. Also because it's one of the very few movies I actually saw as a kid . . . although, I did not like it. Go figure.

    Wow, I managed to answer them ALL except for the archery one!!!! Yay!! Guess I've seen more films than I thought . . .

    1. Can't help but say I love your answers Jessica, and the "#listentoRiley" cracked me up. XD

    2. *grins* Thanks! Riley is the best xD

    3. Jessica, great list! I've seen 10 of yours. I almost used Rogue One for #17 myself <3

    4. Hey, I've seen ten movies that you haven't seen! That makes me feel a little bit accomplished xD

      Rogue One is life. <3

    5. Jessica, it's true! I've never seen Moana, Legally Blonde, Thirteen Days, Wall-E, The Book Thief (I did read the book), Bernadette, Bleak House, Stand By Me, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (the cartoon, anyway -- I've seen the Charles Laughton/Maureen O'Hara version)... and you didn't answer one, so actually, it's only 9 here that you've seen and I haven't ;-)

    6. Wow!! Okay, now I should go through that list and pick out the ones you would like.

      I think you would definitely love Wall-E, if only for its connection to Hello, Dolly . . . And Moana has Dwayne Johnson in it, so I feel like you'd get a big kick out of that too. I can't see you liking any of the others, exactly. Bleak House is not your sort of dark, I'm pretty sure. And Stand By Me is AMAZING, but I don't think you would dig the overall theme.

    7. Hamlette, WHAT!!??? You haven't seen Wall-E!!!??? It is one of my favorite movies!! I didn't really like the movie Moana, but the character Moana was nice! The Hunchback of Notre Dame has really good music (except the one song that is utterly creepy).

      Jessica, haha! Riley is the best!! I am laughing at every scene he is in. I tried to explain to my sisters that he is my favorite character, but they don't even like the National Treasure movies. Oh well. :)
      Also, The King's Speech is amazing.

    8. I totally agree--Hamlette MUST see Wall-E! *grins*

      I love "Hellfire" from Hunchback; I mean, it IS creepy and evil, but so is the character, and the song does a really good job of expressing that and of showing you just how ugly he is inside.

      Riley is bae. I love him. :D

    9. I know, I know, I know -- it just slipped through my cracks, along with Up and Ratatouille. I'll see them one day, I will. Ditto for Moana and The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Princess and the Frog...

    10. Jessica,
      Totally! :D

      How did you know that was what I was talking about? I agree, it is agree's with his character, but I can't get myself to watch it.

      BEST sidekick ever!! :D

      Wha...wha...wha... I am just WAY to shocked. YOU HAVEN'T SEEN Ratatouille!!??????? GO, NOW!!! (Okay, not if you don't want to, but you really should see it.)

    11. I knoooooooooooooooooooow. I will! Eventually.

  7. I'm not big into Marvel, so a lot of these I don't know... but I have seen Doctor Strange! I didn't mind it actually, although it certainly was... well, strange. But I think 95% of why I liked it was because of Benedict Cumberbatch. XD

    1. Gabby, ahhh... but have you seen many of the movies I listed off in comparison to the characters?

      Yeah, I agree that Dr. Strange is strange. But in a fun way :-)

    2. I have seen some Marvel, and a little bit of others... let's see, what have I seen...
      Captain America (the 1st one)... yeah, I didn't like it. :P I've seen a little of Ironman, which wasn't too bad. I've seen a Spiderman movie (with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone) and quite liked that, although wasn't overjoyed about it. I've seen the entire Arrow series which is a DC comic if that counts, haha, and I liked that. I've seen Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises and heartily enjoy them both!

      But yes, I have seen many movies you listed off, and I love many! Indiana Jones, Robin Hood, The Man from UNCLE, Roman Holiday, the Magnificent Seven, Cars, The Lone Ranger, Ocean's Eleven...!!! <3 All MARVELOUS MOVIES. I've also seen A Knight's Tale, which I kind of liked (yes and no), 3:10 to Yuma (ditto) and Red, which I flat out disliked with a vengeance. :P

      Oh, and I really want to see 10 Things I Hate About You. :P :D

      (Also, random question, but since we're on the topic of Benedict Cumberbatch... you HAVE seen Sherlock, right?! What are your thoughts on that? Have you seen the last season? I just saw an episode recently on TV (again) and ohhh I had forgotten how much I love it. <3)

    3. Gabby, I'm not the hugest fan of the first Captain America either. The Spider-man movie with Andrew Garfield is technically not part of the MCU, but of course he's a Marvel hero still.

      So glad you like Man from UNCLE and Lone Ranger and those others! I hope you get a chance to see 10 Things because it is just wonderful.

      Yup, I've seen all the eps of Sherlock. I own seasons 1-3 and Abominable Bride because I liked them so much, but I heartily disliked 2 out of 3 eps in season 4 and refuse to buy it.

  8. Can't possibly do all of these, but a few come to mind.

    Movie with an inventor: The Time Machine

    Movie with spies: James Bond is too easy How about The Quiller Memorandum?

    Movie with teenagers: Dazed and Confused, definitely.

    Movie with thieves: Sneakers

    Movie with a villain who steals the show: My opinion of Kevin Costner is a matter of record, as well as my opinion of Robert DeNiro. So not only does DeNiro steal the show... He IS the show.

    1. Forgot to list the villain movie, but you probably already can guess... The Untouchables

    2. Quiggy, I love The Untouchables!!! So good. I totally say "Here endeth the lesson" to my kids on a routine basis.

  9. Fun! I might have to steal this...

    1. Jenelle, go right ahead! It is here for the taking.

  10. Hey, Hamlette! I know that you made this tag ages ago, but I finally filled out my answers here. :-)

    1. MC, oh, yay! I will read your answers soon :-) Headed to bed at the moment, but this gives me something to look forward to tomorrow!


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