Sunday, December 10, 2017

A New Mailing List, a New Gig, and a Hint About a Christmas Present

Like the post title says, I have three things to discuss with you today! And they're such important things, I'm doing the same post on both of my blogs because I don't want any of my blogging friends to miss out.

First of all, I have finally started an official mailing list.

EDIT. My thanks to everyone who signed up!  Unfortunately, I am not cool with the way that the mailing list service, Mail Chimp, insists on displaying my physical mailing address to everyone who signs up for my email list.  So I am going to rethink that whole mailing list thing and come up with a better, safer way to make this work.

Okay, that was thing one.

Thing two I need to tell you about? I've been hired to write a column for the Prairie Times, a Colorado-based magazine! They print twelve issues a year, which are also available on their website. I'll be writing about different historical people and events from the American West. For someone who minored in both English and History, this is basically a dream come true!!!

And thing three... is a surprise. A Christmas present to all of you from me. But it's not quiiiiiiite ready for you to unwrap yet, so just know that it's coming, okay? I'm shooting for December 15, but I might have it done before then.

Okay, that's it! Time for me to go put up some more Christmas decorations and for you to... return to your regularly scheduled programming? Something like this, yes :-)


  1. I saw this first on the Edge of the Precipice and subscribed there :D

    It's so exciting you'll be able to write more Western articles!!! That's fantastic!

    A Christmas present? Oooooooooooooooh . . .

    1. Jessica, I know, I'm so excited!

      The Christmas present is soooooooooo close to being ready. Just fine-tuning a few details :-D

  2. I'm SO SO SO excited for your mailing list! I've totally subscribed! :D

    Congratulations on your new job! That's so amazing! <3


    1. Thanks, Liv! I'm pretty excited too. My first article is due later this week, to be published in January :-o

  3. Muahahaha. I know what the Christmas present is. =)

    Also, that picture at the end is lovely!



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