Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Collection of Robin Hood Posts

For the Robin Hood Week party hosted by Meanwhile, in Rivendell... I thought it would be fun if I collected up all the posts I've written over the years about various Robin Hood-related things, with links to them so you can read any that might interest you.

Some of these are on this blog, some are on my book blog, one is an article I wrote for Femnista magazine, and one is on a friend's blog that I used to contribute posts to.

~ My Femnista article "The Many Flavors of Robin Hood" discusses how many different variations of Robin Hood there are -- sweet or salty, snack-sized or full meal, and so on.

~ My review of The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) is one of those very detailed reviews where I include dozens of screencaps because oh, the costumes!  The scenery!  The handsome and beautiful actors and actresses!

Errol Flynn as Robin Hood in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

~ My review of Erich Wolfgang Korngold's score for The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) contains three tracks you can listen to, as well as a brief summary of the thrilling tale of how writing this score helped Korngold escape Nazi Germany.

~ In this post, I talk about how the 1973 animated Robin Hood was my introduction to the character and has long been my favorite animated film.

Robin Hood and Skippy in Robin Hood (1973)

~ In this post, I delve into the detailed reasons that I love the climax of 1973 animated Robin Hood so dearly.

~ It's not completely Robin Hood-related, but my review of Ivanhoe (1982) does spend some time on Robin Hood.

David Robb as Robin Hood in Ivanhoe (1982)

~ I spend this post talking about why I no longer love Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves (1991) as much as I used to.

~ My review of Robin Hood (2010) isn't very detailed, but I do a lot of discussing of why I think it wasn't a commercially successful film, and what I do and don't like about it myself.

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood in Robin Hood (2010)

~ Here's my brief review of Rowan Hood: Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest by Nancy Springer.

~ Here's my lengthy, gushy review of The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle.

~ My review of Outlaw by Angus Donald discusses why I stopped reading that book.

If you decide to read any of those, do please leave me a comment!  I know some of those posts are from years ago, but I still love discussing them :-)

I'll be posting my answers to Olivia's Robin Hood Tag in a day or so!


  1. You really are a Robin Hood fan!!!!!

    1. Cowboy likes to remind me that "fan" is short for "fanatic," because yeah, when I love something, I reeeeeeeeeally love it ;-)

  2. Oooh, I'll have to look into some of these posts! Thanks for linking to them all. :)

  3. Oh, I loooove the Disney version of Robin Hood. I had it on repeat as a kid and it's still one of my very favorite animated movies. I even bought a Christmas ornament of Robin and Skippy last year and I am incredibly fond of it.

    I really do need to see the 2010 version sometime - I know it's not a big favorite among Robin Hood fans, but my dad is a fan of its director and, well, I love Oscar Isaac (even if he's the villain). ;-)

    1. Claire, yeeeeeeeeeees. There are three movies that were particularly formative for my very young years, and the Disney animated Robin Hood was one of them. (The others were the 1950s Lone Ranger movie and The Man from Snowy River.) I have a coffee mug with artwork of foxy Robin and Marian on it.

      I need to rewatch the 2010 because... I watched it about six months before The Force Awakens came out, and I didn't care about Oscar Isaac at all then, so I have to admit when you said, "Oscar Isaac is the villain," I was like, "Are we thinking of the same film? He isn't, is he?" Haha, yeah, he is. I need to resee it, obviously.

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