Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Sunshine Blogger Award

Miss March has tagged me with the Sunshine Blogger Award!  Thank you, Miss March :-)  We could use some extra sunshine during February around here, that's for sure.  Here are my answers to Miss March's questions:

1. What was the last book you read?  I just finished A Flame Shall Spring from the Embers by Heidi Pekarek -- review coming soon!

2. On a typical evening at home, what are you most often found doing -- reading a book, watching a movie, playing games with your siblings, twiddling your thumbs...what?  Playing catch-up on email and blogging stuff while Cowboy plays with our kids for a bit.  After they're in bed, I'll either be writing, watching a movie (often with my best friend, thanks to the internet), or spending time with Cowboy.

3. You have the choice of being an only child or having twenty siblings. Which do you choose?  Can I still be the oldest?  Then I'll take 20 siblings.  Who doesn't need more minions?

4. Do you prefer bike riding or walking?  Walking.

5. If you had to create your own family made up of characters from literature (or film) who would you choose to have as your father? As your mother? Choose a brother and a sister, too, just for the fun of it. :)  First, this is one of the absolute coolest questions I've ever gotten.

Honestly, I would love to have Jim and Katie Coates (Fess Parker and Dorothy McGuire) from Old Yeller (1957) as my parents.  They're kind and honest and caring.  She doesn't freak out about toads and lizards, and he's sensible and reassuring.

I'm sorely tempted to start writing stories about these two now.  They're just about as awesome as possible.

Anyway, for siblings, hmm.  How about Sam Gamgee (Sean Astin) from The Lord of the Rings and Catherine Morland (Felicity Jones) from Northanger Abbey (2007)?  It would be a peaceful, enjoyable, cheerful family!

6. Did you ever receive money under your pillow after losing a tooth?  Yup.

7. What's your favorite color?  Purple.  The deeper, the better.

8. Would you rather wash dishes or iron clothes?  Either one, really.  I don't hate either task, but neither do I love either of them.  If I had to choose, I'd say ironing because it's something I do a lot less often, so it would be a pleasant change.

9. What is your opinion on zoos? Interesting or boring?  I am pro-zoo!  Pro good zoo, anyway.  A couple years ago, Cowboy and I took our kids to the zoo on my birthday, and when my m-i-l found out that's where we went, she was like, "Oh, what a good mom you are, going someplace just because your kids will enjoy it."  I was all, "WHAT?!?  I love zoos!  How is that not a fun place to go on your birthday?"  So yeah, I enjoy a good zoo.

10. Growing up, did you have a favorite doll? What was her name?  I did.  We weren't well-off enough for me to get a real Samantha doll from the Pleasant Company (now called American Girl), but my parents got me a different doll, about ten inches tall, who had long brown hair similar to the Samantha doll's.  I named her Samantha and learned to make doll clothes just so I could make her a bunch of clothes similar to the "real" Samantha's clothes.

And now I hereby tag:

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Your Questions, Should You Choose to Accept Them:

1.  What's the oldest TV show you've ever watched?
2.  What's the newest TV show you've watched?
3.  What's the oldest fiction book you've ever read?
4.  What's the newest fiction book you've read?
5.  What's the oldest movie you've ever watched?
6.  What's the newest movie you've watched?
7.  What was the first blog you remember following?
8.  What's the blog you've started following the most recently?
9.  What song did you really love when you were 10 years old?
10.  What song do you really love right now?

Play if you want to!


  1. How fun! Loved reading your answers, particularly the fictional family. That would be a very nice family!

    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun figuring out that family.

  2. Awww, Sam Gamgee would be a great brother. :)

    Yes, deep purple is beautiful!

    Thank you so much for tagging me! I can't wait to get to work on the answers.

    1. Meredith, he would be, wouldn't he? So kind and thoughtful.

      You're welcome :-) Have fun!

  3. YES. ZOOS ARE THE BEST. When my parents asked me where I wanted to go to celebrate my college graduation last spring, I said right away, "Can we all go to the zoo together?" And we did, and it was lovely :-)

    I love purple, too! I usually go for a lighter purple, though, not the deeper stuff (although all shades of it are very pretty, though, I just tend to look better in softer colors). :-)

    1. Jessica, that's cool! Zoos are a great place to celebrate.

      I love all shades of purple, but my favorites are the deep, dark, rich ones.

  4. "Can I still be the oldest? Then I'll take 20 siblings. Who doesn't need more minions?"

    1. MovieCritic, glad you agree on the need for more minions :-)

  5. First off, where did you find the Sunshine Blogger Award button? I didn't know there was one or I would have included it in my post. :)

    1. Hey! That's Heidi from Along the Brandywine, isn't it? Cool that you got to read one of her books.

    3. Haha. Great answer. And yes, you can certainly still be the oldest. ;)

    5. I'm glad you liked it! :) And I LOVED your answers! I hadn't even thought of Jim and Katie Coates but seriously, they would be awesome parents! And Sam and Catherine for siblings. It definitely would be a peaceful and happy family. <3 <3

    10. Oh, yes! The American Girl dolls were always in the "too expensive" category for us, too. I love how you improvised though and created your own Samantha doll. That's really sweet. :)

    Thanks so much for filling out the tag, Hamlette!! :D

    ~Miss March

    1. Miss March, I googled for them and found a bunch of buttons, but didn't like any of them, so I made that one myself with a picture I took of the flowers in my container garden last summer.

      1. YES! I've read a couple of her books now.

      5. Jim and Katie are so great, aren't they? If they can't be my parents, can we at least be friends?

      10. My best friend got the Samantha doll for Christmas just before I met her, so she would bring her doll to my house, and we pretended her doll and mine were friends. We even had them write letters to each other. Such good memories :-)

    2. You made the button yourself? How splendid. It does feel more official when a tag has a button. :)

      10. Aww. Having your dolls write letters to each other is so adorable. :)

    3. Miss March, thanks! I really do like having some kind of graphic for a tag, so if I don't like the one it came with or the ones I find by a little Googling, I just make one.

  6. Thanks for the tag, sorry I didn't see it before! I'll try to complete it in the next week or so!

  7. Thanks for the tag! I'll definitely be joining in soon. :)

    I LOVE the fictional family question! I may have to write a post just on that one because what a cool thing to analyze. :D I haven't watched Old Yeller, but clearly I must in order to meet those two.

    A Sleeping Beauty retelling?! Now I shall have to go see if you've posted your review. Terribly curious about it.

    Zoos are awesome! All the animals I don't typically get to see. Plus sometimes ones I'd never imagined I'd see! I love zoos. It's been ages since I've been to one, but anytime someone wants to go I am so there.

    I loved Kirsten when I was young. Although I thought Samantha was pretty great too! I always dreamed of getting a doll, but knew it'd never happen. Mom told me sometime in the last couple years that she had, at one point, the biggest desire to get me one. I forget what happened to prevent it, but something did. Regardless, it just made me happy to know she understood my dream of owning one and wanted to fulfill it for me. :)

    1. Kara, I know, isn't that fictional family idea cool? Old Yeller is very, very good, and I definitely recommend it.

      Kirsten was cool too -- I always wanted to do the Saint Lucia thing at Christmas that I learned about in her books. That's lovely that your mom actually wanted to get you one of the dolls! Nice to know.

  8. Aw, American Girl! Oh, the memories that evokes. :)

    Who wouldn't want to know (or be a sibling of) Catherine Morland!? She's an amazing character, and her imagination is off the charts fun. :)

    1. Rissi, I know, I LOVED those books as a girl. I practically memorized the Samantha books, and some of the Molly and Kirsten books as well. And when they introduced Felicity, I actually attended a party to celebrate at my local library! It was a Big Deal :-)

      Catherine Morland is one of my favorite fictional characters, and I'm looking forward to introducing a niece of mine who's in high school to her next year :-D

  9. Zoos are totally not just for kids! I love zoos, I try to go to one at least once a year and I always enjoy it and learn something new!

    1. Birdie, exactly! Thank you. That's very cool you go to them so often!


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