Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy Alaniversary to Me

We briefly interrupt this celebration of all things Jane Austen to bring you a few lovely pictures of Alan Ladd.  And to celebrate the fact that it was one year ago today that I first watched Whispering Smith (1948) and fell "in love" with him.

I've seen seventeen of his films now, and own another nine that are waiting for me to watch them.  Trouble is, I keep rewatching the ones I've already seen (and there are a whole bunch I want to watch yet again to review here), so seeing new ones goes slowly.  Which is how I like it, because you know I love to savor things I enjoy.

I've never before had an actor rise so quickly up my list of favorites.  While John Wayne is still my #1, Alan now runs him a close #2, which means Hugh Jackman has fallen to #3.  What's crazy to me about that is that it took me almost ten years to decide Hugh Jackman was my second-favorite and displace Harrison Ford from that spot, where Harrison had reigned second only to John Wayne for almost twenty years.  And then along comes Alan Ladd and, within six months, there he is, firmly ensconced near the top of my heart.

So here's to you, Alan Ladd, the quiet man who played so many hard-hitters, but was by all accounts a very sweet and soft-hearted person in real life.  And here's to the year to come and all the movies of yours I will watch in it.


  1. That is a very, very good-looking man.

    *nods sagely*

    I especially like the 3rd photo from the top . . .

    Speaking of movies, I haven't watched any new ones since my semester started. I WANT to, but I want to write even more; so I've been using all my free time doing that. Maybe in a week or two I'll try watching another movie. I have my eye on "Chariots of Fire" because I've wanted to see it for a long, long time.

    Oh--and I can't wait for Beauty and the Beast!!! One month from today. YAS.

    1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, that third pic is pretty devastating. He was almost impossibly handsome, especially when he was young.

      Chariots of Fire is amazing. Oh my word, I can't wait for you to watch it!

      Haha, I keep forgetting BATB is coming out in March too. My brain is just doing dances about Logan.

  2. Now I need to see my first Alan Ladd!!!

    1. Aha! Well, I would be more than happy to recommend something. Do you like westerns? Film noir? Kinda actiony war movies? "Women's stories"?

    2. Westerns and Film noir are always fun.

    3. Perfect :-D ::rubs hands together with glee:: I happen to love his westerns and noirs the mostest. Shane is what he's most famous for, and it's a beautiful western. Plus, it's fairly easy to find at libraries and cheap to buy copies of. I also really love Whispering Smith and Branded. (I'm linking all these titles to my reviews so that you can read more about them if you want to.)

      For film noir, my favorite is the one that gave Alan his big break: This Gun for Hire. I also really love The Blue Dahlia, and The Glass Key is very enjoyable as well.

      Hope that helps! If you try any of those, please leave me a comment to let me know what you thought of it :-)

    4. Oh fun! I defenetly will have to try those!!! :D And thank you for linking them to your reviews!

  3. Happy Alaniversary Hamlette! Quite a few great photos too! The third one is probably my favorite--he looks like Dan Holiday in that one. :)

    He's certainly one of the best "strong and silent" types and made a great cowboy. Whispering Smith is such a good film of his, I'm glad you introduced me to it!

    1. Thanks, Annie! He does have a certain Dan Holiday thing going on there. I've got a pic somewhere of him recording radio, presumably Box 13.

      I'm glad you like Whispering Smith so much! Really my favorite role of his :-)


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