Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Power of Words Tag

Evangeline of An Odd Blog tagged me with this recently, and I am so grateful to her, because it is exactly the sort of blog post I felt like writing today.

The Rules
Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog.
Answer the original six text-themed questions.
Tag six or more bloggers and let them know.

What's your favorite letter of the alphabet?  J.  I had this Fisher-Price "school days desk" toy as a little kid with all these magnetic letters, and the green ones were my favorite.  J and V in particular.  They were so pretty, so elegant, so joyfully green.


3 words you love?  'Dream,' 'hope,' and 'peace.'

3 words you hate?  'Stop,' 'why,' and 'but.'

If you were to create a word, what would it be and what would it describe?  I make up words all the time.  I call it "Jossing" because Joss Whedon's scripts so often include made-up words or phrases that precisely mean what they need to mean, even though they didn't exist before.  So that's the word I've created, 'Jossing,' and what it means.

3 favorite punctuation marks? Semi-colon, comma, and hyphen.

3 favorite fonts?  Harrington, Baskerville Old Face, and Hobbiton Brushhand.  I use those a ton.  Oh, and Old English Text MT.  And Playbill.  And Vivaldi.  And Algerian.  I'm a bit nutty about fonts.

If you could change the way one word sounded, which would it be and how would it sound?  Okay, the word 'facade' should be pronounced fay-cayd.  In my head, I pronounce it that way.  And the way that it's actually pronounced should be spelled 'fasohd.'  And they would mean the same thing, but be spelled differently and be two totally separate words.  Now you know.

Do you know of a word that looks better than it sounds?  Churl.  It looks pretty and a little bit girlish, but so very much is not.

What are 3 words you mispronounced when you first said them aloud because you'd only ever read them before?  Well, 'facade,' obviously, since the whole world is just pronouncing and spelling that wrong.  Also, 'parabola' and 'participle.'  Oh, and 'Sepulveda' -- I still can't get that one straight.

What are 3 words you used incorrectly in your youth?  Um, I don't remember?  Seriously, none spring to mind at the moment, though I know that did happen to me now and then.  (I suspect this question is only here to provide reasons for people to post Princess Bride jokes.)

What is a word you used to use way too often and have stopped using entirely?  Well, I go through phases where I overuse a word, but I don't think I stop using them altogether, I just quit using them so much.  Examples are 'unique,' 'swell,' 'dude,' 'so,' and 'awesomesauce.'

I hereby tag: everyone!  Or rather, anyone who wants to do this tag.  I don't feel like choosing people today.  Is that so inconceivable?


  1. DUDE, I remember those Fisher Price letters from my childhood. ;)

  2. The best word ever invented is not even used in everyday language, and it is needed more today than ever. "Grok".

  3. Sepulveda! Hee. You and Saddle Up both have trouble with that one.

    Love your bit about "churl."

    1. DKoren, I will never forget how you busted up over me not knowing how to pronounce that. It's a weird word!

      (So... is it seh-pul-VEY-duh or suh-PUL-veh-duh?)

    2. I will try really hard to remember that.

  4. Oh, my word, we had those letters . . . or my grandmother did. They lived on the fridge . . . among other hoarded things.

    And "why" has to be one of if not my absolute least favorite word.

    1. Livia, that's cool! They had good, strong magnets on them.

  5. This is such a great tag! I love your made-up word Jossing. It totally fits his movies and worlds.

  6. I love Hobbiton Brushhand font.

  7. Mmmm, Baskerville Old Face is beautiful. Well, they all are, but I definitely want to go download that one now! :D I used to mispronounce "genre." :P


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