Friday, September 12, 2014

Reminder for Blogathon Participants

Ahoy!  This be a reminder for all ye scurvy bloggers who've sign on for me Piratical Blogathon.  The blogathon be one week from today.  Ye be warned.

Anyone else out there who be wishing to join in the merriment, ye can still sign on in the comments for the original post.

Also, please be rememberin' that yer post needs to include a link back to me blog so yer readers can find all the other entries as well.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

(Actually, I hate rum.  A bottle of Coke fer me.)


  1. This time I have setup something to send an e-mail to remind me to post my Princess Bride review on the correct day. I will try not to mess it up again, haha. :)


    1. You didn't mess it up! You just posted extra piratey goodness :-) Actually, my bff asked me to post a week in advance so she wouldn't forget to do her post, so this is not in any way aimed at you in particular :-)

  2. i wasn't able to do it! I am so sorry, i have been gone for two weeks and am exhausted. Please forgive me!


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