Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dearest Bobby!

Happy birthday to my beloved Bobby Darin!  I'm not at home right now, where my wall calendar would remind me of birthdays and such.  I thought several times today that May 14 seemed like it was important for some reason, but it wasn't until I'd crawled into bed at 11:30 that it hit me.  Bobby's birthday!  I'm sorry I almost forgot, Bobby.  I'll listen to lots of your music tomorrow to make up for it.

Playing "Happy Birthday" for himself because I forgot to.

Giving me that come-listen-to-my-music-because-I'm-going-to-melt-your-heart look.

A still from his appearance on Wagon Train, which I haven't seen yet.  But I can't resist him in a cowboy hat.  

Bobby would have been 78 today.  Sigh.


  1. Ooh, I love Bobby Darin...and not just as a singer. I enjoy the films of his that I've seen. It's sad that he died so young...and that his and Sandra Dee's marriage didn't last. They were a darling couple.

    As you know, I've taken a huge step back from my classic film blog. I just found myself burning out. Watching films had ceased to be a joy and had become a burden. So, I have stepped way back and have only posted 20 times this year, and most of those have been copy and pastes of old posts.

    However, I found myself wanting to go back to the kind of blogging I used to do prior to focusing solely on classic films. So, I've started a new blog, Magnolia Cottage, and I'll be blogging about a wide variety of lessons, home decorating, family history, childhood memories, homemaking, etc. I'm not sure any of that would interest you, but in case it does, I wanted to extend an invitation to pop by. You can get there through the Blogger profile attached to this comment (which is not the same profile as my classic film blog).

    Anyhow, I think I'll go listen to "Mack the Knife" favorite of Bobby's a belated celebration of his birthday.


    1. Ahhhh, Bobby Darin. His movies are great! I'm currently co-writing a fanfic story for his western Gunfight in Abilene. Have you seen Captain Newman, MD yet? With Gregory Peck and Tony Curtis... it's a sweet dramedy, and Bobby got his Oscar nod for it even though he has very little screen time.

      I actually managed to find the Wagon Train ep that the picture I posted is from -- my Dad happened to have it in a DVD collection! So I watched that last week. The ep itself suffered from maudlinity and a rather awful batch of child acting, but Bobby... was wonderful. Sigh.

      And "Mack" is my favorite song, not just of his but of anyone's vocal performance ever. I think I have 7 different version, the album version and then 6 different live performances. Can't get enough.

      Anyway, I'm following your new blog now! How exciting to be branching out :-)


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