Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to any of my readers who are mothers!  Do you have any Mother's Day traditions?  My family always took Mom out to eat after church when I was a kid, and one such excursion turned out to be very memorable indeed, as we were involved in a pretty serious car accident on the way home.  That's always made me kind of have mixed feelings about the day -- none of us were seriously injured, but my mom got whiplash that has given her neck problems and headaches for the last twenty-some years.  It was a pretty scary experience for an eight-year-old, and ever since, I've liked staying home on Mother's Day more than going off to do something.

So this year, after church, we just stopped at a farmer's market on our way home.  We bought so many wonderful things!  Hearty apricot bread, wildflower honey, homemade kettle corn, beets, and pickles!  We came home and feasted on our finds.  Cowboy gave me a whole case of 24 glass bottles of Mexican Coca-Cola (made with real sugar, not corn syrup!), and my daughters gave me something they made in Sunday School this morning: a little mitchella plant in a pretty jar that they filled with colored sand and dirt.  My son told me "Happy Mother's Day!" accompanied by a hug :-)

My two gifts, plus some of our farmer's market haul
Now my hubby is also giving me some time to catch up on the computer.  Caffeine and computer time -- what could be better?  He's taking Dano out for a bike ride while the girls nap.  So I'd better start catching up on all the stuff I haven't read or written over the past week!  My best friend came to visit, and we had so much fun that I barely had a moment to check my email, much less blog.  So I have some movie reviews coming up (for Robert Downey, Jr.'s two Sherlock Holmes movies and for Iron Man 3), as soon as I can get them written.  

Meanwhile, enjoy your Sunday!


  1. How awesome that you got to spend a few days with your best friend! I'm so glad she was able to come for a visit.

    Sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day. I LOVE Kettle corn. We have a friend who operates a kettle corn business at one of the local arenas. Occasionally, he hires my son to help him, and then my son comes home with a half dozen large bags of it...and I end up eating way too much of the stuff.

    So sorry to hear of your car accident and the resulting bad memories it has given you.

    1. It was such a wonderful visit! And long overdue -- we haven't gotten together since 2009.

      I have a feeling that the kettle corn stall will get a lot of repeat business from us :-) Especially since it gave the kids something to munch in the car on the way home to tide them over until lunch.

  2. I usually like staying home today myself, because I like to call my mom as soon as church is over. There's a time difference between us, I like to call before the day is totally gone, and I never get up early enough to call before church. ;) But today I ended up going out to eat with a friend. Amazingly enough, we made it ahead of the crowds and were able to sit right down and eat. And when I called mom, my brother's family was there, so she was being well entertained by my nephew!

    Those are lovely gifts you got today. :)

    1. Aren't they lovely gifts? I know I shall enjoy them for quite some time.


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