Saturday, March 31, 2007

I have now been truly stung by an insect. For real. By a hornet. On the left index finger. In the deodorant aisle.

It was not pleasant. I was up on a ladder putting overstock on our deodorant riser when I felt something land on the back of my head. There have been those Japanese ladybugs all over lately, so I figured it was one of those, and reached back to brush it off. And got a very nasty surprise. I was so startled by the realization that I had actually, at the age of 26, been stung by an insect, that I just stood there on the ladder going "Ow!" while the perpetrator flew off.

My finger turned red and swelled up a little, but about an hour later it was pretty much back to normal. And J from Housewares ran over the evil hornet with a pallet jack a while later and then called me over to identify the body. So it got its just desserts in the end.


  1. Er... you're posting from the future?

  2. Ack! I knew that sorceress was up to something when she told me that if I survived, the blood of the hornet would forever flow through my veins.

    Wait, what am I complaining about? Time travel could be great!

    (But I'll go fix the date on this thing right now)

  3. Okay, then I guess this entry isn't an April's Fool Joke? Since I read it on Monday April 2nd and was thrown by the future date and figured that might be part of some weird plot to make me lose my mind?

    In which case, that's a bummer you got stung! :-( At least you didn't have a reaction, and it bothered you only a short time. You're quite lucky there!

  4. I would kind of like to get stung by a bee or hornet as an adult so I know how much it hurts. Then I would know how much too sissy I am about running away from them.

  5. Yeah, I found out that right at first it hurt a whole lot more than I'd been expecting, but the pain really only lasted like a minute. And it wasn't any worse than like burning yourself on a hot pan or stabbing yourself with a needle kinda deep. Way less than stabbing yourself in the leg with a chunk of wood from a pallet!


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