Saturday, March 17, 2007

So I'm approximately at the end of week 11 now -- one more week to go before my first trimester is over and we can tell people I'm preggers! Or so we think, anyway -- I have an appointment with my nurse/midwife on Tuesday that should let us know better just how far along I am. Might even be able to hear Gumdrop's heartbeat that day!

Anyway, haven't blogged about this topic for a couple weeks because nothing terribly interesting is going on. The icky taste in my mouth has lessened, although it tends to crop up toward the end of my day, usually when I'm getting hungry for supper. Still no morning sickness :-D A little constipation now and then, alas, but I seem to mostly be able to control that by eating lots of fiber-rich foods and also taking one chewable 2-gram fiber tablet every day. Oh boy, isn't this just so exciting? Almost as good as watching paint dry.

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