Monday, March 26, 2007

So, I'm in week 13 now. And I've been less sleepy lately -- I only take naps every-other-day now, it seems ;-) Everyone in my universe knows the good news now, and I must admit that I'm already getting sick of being greeted with things like, "How's the little mommy today?" Hoping that will get old to other people after a while too.

I'm hating sweet foods less, although milk chocolate still doesn't taste right. But I like dark chocolate better anyway, so I'm sticking with that. And only once in a great while, as I try to snack on things like fresh fruits and veggies instead. Or cottage cheese, I'm a big fan of that lately.

I'm still not really showing, and I've only gained two pounds (sometimes one; that one pound seems to come and go). But I can feel a little place on my lower abdomen where it kind of sticks out now and used to just go in a straight (well, straight rounded) line. So maybe baby is finally moving up out of my pelvis and I'll have a few months' respite from all this peeing, lol!

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