Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So, it's official: I'm pregnant! I took a home test yesterday and it was positive, so we went to the hospital to take a "real" test and that one was positive too! The nurse/midwife estimates I'm almost four weeks along! Crazy. Other than having tender chestuses (as one of my dear C! friends refers to them) and being a little more tired than usual, I'm feeling pretty normal. But I'm now eating lots more calcium and protein to help the baby grow healthy and strong ;-) And taking my special vitamins, etc.

Cowboy and I won't be announcing this until the beginning for April, because if I should lose the baby, well, we're both really private people and would rather grieve privately than have everyone and their cocker spaniel wandering around weeping and moaning at us. So I'll be blogging about being preggers from time to time, but keep these posts as drafts until such time as we make the announcement, and then I'll make them "real" posts and you can read back through the couple of months and check them out.

Anyway, pretty excited, as we've been hoping for this for almost a year now :-D Also a bit scared, cuz it's a big responsibility to raise a kid, and also pregnancy is weird and new and daunting, but if almost every single one of my friends can do this, I can too, eh?

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