Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Guess what I discovered while working in Grocery last night? Mint-creme Oreos! Oh baby oh baby, I had to buy me a package right that same morning, and are they ever mintalicious! Cowboy won't touch them -- he says the smell of mint on my breath is overpowering enough, but I loves them, yes I does. Their only drawback is that the filling isn't quite a sticky as normal Oreo innards, so the cookies sometimes fall off a little when I dunk them in milk. But that's okay. They are marvy and I have eaten six already. That leaves lots more yet :-9 Oh, and I was really nice and got Cowboy a package of normal Double Stuf Oreos since I figured he wouldn't like the mint ones, since I usually don't buy them for him because I don't really like Double Stuf as much as regular ones. So he gets a tasty treat too :-D


  1. You don't know if they make oreos without any filling at all, do you? Just the chocolate cookie part? Cuz that's what I would be tempted to buy.

  2. Hmm, fillingless Oreos, nope, haven't seen them. You could always buy the minty ones and just pull off the outsides, toss away the insides! Cuz seriously, these things don't like to stay stuck together....

  3. Mmm oreos sound good! But not mint ones! Blah! I don't like mint, obviously. :)


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