Monday, January 01, 2007

So it's New Year's Day and I guess I'll make 3 resolutions that I've been thinking about a lot lately anyway. Maybe these will be do-able, better than my usual "lose weight" kind of vague resolutions....

1. Begin the second draft of my novel Josey
2. Exercise for ten minutes every day, either yoga or boxing
3. Wash all the dishes in the kitchen by Friday morning this week


  1. So, on that #3 there... was that just that ONE week you had to have the dishes done by Friday, or is that the resolution for the new year -- dishes done by Friday morning every week?

    And how's that exercise going?

  2. #3 was just that one week, because I had all these dishes from Christmas baking that kept mounting up and up. And thanks to Larry's help, by Friday night, they were done. So I almost made that!

    As for exercise, well, I've half-kept it. I've managed to exercise about every-other-day.

    But I DID start revising Josey :-D


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