Friday, October 14, 2005

Poor Cowboy got his wisdom teeth removed today :-( I had mine out seven years ago, bwahahahaha. But that, plus helping nurse my brother thru his own teeth-removal three years ago, means I know what needs to be done to keep Cowboy happy and healthy.

So far he's been a very good boy. No more whining than normal, and he's even managing to go to the kitchen for pudding his own self. Helps that he wasn't under general anesthesia the way my bro and I were...he doesn't have all the grogginess to dispel.

Cowboy is a quick healer, so he'll probably be feeling fine so fast I'll get envious.


  1. Eek. Hope he gets well fast! Wish him well! I still have all of my wisdom teeth, amazingly enough. Not sure how I managed that.

  2. I know several people who still have their wisdom teeth. Lucky!

    I had to have mine out because I barely have enough room in my mouth for my 'regular' teeth...and I didn't spend 3 years with braces to have my wisdom teeth crooked-up everything again.

    Cowboy's were impacted, so they had to come out.


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