Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The October picture in my Coca-Cola calendar contains a very creepy man. I'm thinking of putting a post-it note over his face. His eyes are not focused. His left eye is looking at the cherry-cheeked maiden standing next to him. But his right eye is looking far off to his right, as if he's pondering leaving said maiden, just hopping into their car and taking off without her, before she's even finished her bottle of soda. You'd think the person who painted this advertisement could have made him look less creepy, more happy with his Coke and his girl and his car.


  1. EEK! That sounds downright...unsettling. Go for the post-it note, I say!

    It's funny, cuz when I was bopping around antique stores with my parents, there was a bunch of old 40's Coca-Cola pin-up girl type pictures that I thought were really cool looking. Is that what your calendar's kinda like?

  2. I collect Coke stuff, especially the nostalgic 40's/50's-looking stuff. My entire bathroom is Coke, and random stuff everywhere else.

    The calendar is all old advertisement pics, really cool pastels and stuff. It's just an el-cheapo calendar from WalMart...


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