Saturday, August 13, 2005

My Top 20 Favorite John Wayne Movies

20. Big Jake
19. Hatari!
18. Angel and the Badman
17. Red River
16. McLintock!
15. The Horse Soldiers
14. The Commancheros
13. The Quiet Man
12. El Dorado
11. The Flying Tigers
10. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
9. The Sands of Iwo Jima
8. The War Wagon
7. Chisum
6. Hondo
5. The Searchers
4. North to Alaska
3. Rio Bravo
2. Operation Pacific
1. The Sons of Katie Elder

NOTE: This is not my list of John Wayne's best movies, it's a list of my favorites.


  1. Nice list! Some of those I don't know all that well. You made me think my favorites through, but I only have twelve on my list. Top to bottom, they are:

    1. Big Jake
    2. Sons of Katie Elder
    3. Rio Lobo
    4. Rio Bravo
    5. The Quiet Man
    6. The Alamo
    7. The Horse Soldiers
    8. El Dorado
    9. Donovan's Reef
    10. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
    11. The Longest Day
    12. The Searchers

  2. Can you believe I've never seen all of "Donovan's Reef"? I taped it off AMC once, and got the last 20 mins cut off :-b I should really see if I can get it from the library...

    "The Alamo" would be #21 for me, but I didn't feel like doing a top 25 :-o

  3. John Wayne Rocks!
    That's all I have to say at the moment..

  4. Well, I realized from your list I've never seen "Hondo" or "McClintock." How did that happen?? "Donovan's Reef" is one of those weird movies that's very dated now its in attitudes, but I still like it because of the John Wayne/Lee Marvin scenes.

  5. Hi, Flying Squirrel! Good to see you around here again, be it ever-so-briefly!

    Dkoren, you need to see Hondo!!! It's wonderful. I've read the book too (by Louis L'Amour). And McLintock! is loads of fun, if only because it's always great seeing a Wayne and O'Hara spat.

    I figured you liked Donovan's Reef for the Lee Marvin factor, since I saw his other two John Wayne movies on your list too.

  6. Yeah, Lee Marvin is definitely one of my favorite actors. I remember when I found out he was on a Combat ep, I was absolutely delighted. Vic Morrow and Lee Marvin butting heads? Excellent....

    LM was the first actor I ever "cast" in a novel. Whole book kind of evolved because of him. Weird to remember that.


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