Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hey, guess what? Suddenly, magically, I'm down to 145 lbs again! And I haven't even been dieting! I've just been sticking to my One Sweet Per Day rule, and boxing. This is my ideal weight! I haven't weighed this since I was a freshman in college! I hadn't checked my weight in like 2 weeks, but it'd been steady around 150 for f-o-r-e-v-e-r. And suddenly, whamo!

I think I'll just indulge myself in a little Dance of Joy around the Crypt now...where's Numfar when I need him?


  1. Hey anonymous blog spammer. None of your comments have anything to do with the post at hand. I suspect you of being an evil, corporate, blog-commenting bot. A hex upon you! Unless, of course, you identify yourself as a legitimate person with a legitimate purpose, in which case I would strongly recommend changing your writing style.

  2. Thanks, Cowboy, for the howling at my anonymous spammer. I've removed all the highly random comments 8-O

  3. I hope it's not boxing, so you can just settle in at 145 without doing any extra labor for it!

  4. Thanks, Noumie! I think it might have something to do with the fact that altho I'm not actually dieting, I'm really trying to stick to just one sweet treat a day, one soda a day, and eating more fruit than before. And I'm not really limiting my food intake as strictly as I used to, so maybe Cowboy's theory that I was squelching my metabolism was a good one.

    But the boxing is super-fun! Tomorrow, Cowboy is going to teach me to use my left too! So far I've just been jabbing with my right.

  5. one soda a day,

    That is the key, in my opinion. The body just doesn't know how to adjust for those liquid calories. My fat friend Devin at work drank 900 calories of Jolt before midnight last Saturday. He would have had to shovel down four TV dinners on his break to take in that much with food.

  6. Yeah, I drank way too much soda in college. Not only did I pack on 15 lbs after 4 years, but I got addicted to caffeine and had to wean myself off it. Now though I can go entire days without drinking soda, and I don't have to have caffeine in it all the time. Grown rather fond of root beer, actually. Also, fruit juice is a new friend, and I drink a lot more water than I used to (not tough, considering I NEVER used to drink water, until I got a bladder infection this spring).

    Calories from soda are so easy to ignore, because drinking something requires much less effort that chewing something. So you don't feel like you should be piling up calories. I mean, eating a candy bar feels so much more sinful than drinking a can of cola.


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