Monday, August 29, 2005

Evil Corporate Spambots Attack!!!!! No, not the latest headline from the hotsheets. It's what's happened to my blog: they keep commenting here, leaving moronic advertisements. So, alas, I am forced to put a little word-verification thing up, which means you have to type in some cryptic numbers and letters before you can comment here. Sigh. Sodding spambots.


  1. testing testing.... ooh! How'd you set this up? Must be an option in the blogger setup somewhere. I will look harder. Cuz I had the blasted spam crap popping up at my "Fencer" blogger for nanowrimo and I ended up disabling the comments to prevent it. I won't use that blog until November, but still...

  2. It's pretty easy. Get logged into Blogger, and when you're at your "dashboard", click on the blue wheel that means "Change Settings". Then go into the "Comments" section, and choose "Yes" for "Show word verification for comments". Then save your changes, republish your blog, and you're all set!

    Don't be misled--I am NOT a computer guru. I didn't even know I could do that until Cowboy figured it out first.


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