Sunday, August 21, 2005

A List of Things That Irritated Me Today
(Brought to you by PMS)

  • People who hum during the opening run-thru of a hymn during's so distracting...
  • People who sing or hum while they're's just wrong...
  • Bad Country remakes of good non-Country songs...especially if I'm forced to listen to them on the radio at work...
  • People who confuse 'infer' with 'imply'...especially in written, published works...
  • People who ask me what book I'm reading, then ask "Is it any good"?, you moron, I'm reading it cuz it sucks...
Where, oh where, is my Mallet O' Understanding?


  1. Everybody hums the last note of the run-through, right? So you can come in on the right note. The worse your pitch is, the more notes you need to practice.

  2. Um, I don't hum the last note so I can come in on the right pitch. Does this mean I'm the weird one? Again?!?

  3. No one else is chiming in to say what's normal, but I think it's normal for choirs to take their pitch off a harmonica or something -- I think they hum.

  4. Yeah, but this isn't choir, this is random people sitting in pews and humming along with the hymn. Anyway, I don't usually hum the last note, even in choir, as long as I've practiced the song before and/or have the note in my head. Guess I'm weird.

    But yes, choirs usually get their pitch from something, like a piano playing their accompaniment, or a pitchpipe if they're singing acapella.


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