Monday, July 08, 2024

Cover Reveal and ARC Sign-Up for Prairie Tales: Volume One

Another cover reveal?  Yup.  This time, it's for the sixth book in my Once Upon a Western series!  Prairie Tales: Volume One is a collection of ten short stories that are all related to the first five books in the series, whether as sequels or prequels to those books.

Here's the official synopsis:
Discover ten re-imaginings of fairy tales, folk tales, and even a Mother Goose rhyme in this heartwarming collection. Journey across the plains of Nebraska and Kansas and explore the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado with characters from the "Once Upon a Western" series—or meet them for the first time! Encounter a mattress filled with apples, a runaway basket of gingerbread, a house that looks like a shoe, a disappointing Christmas tree, and a Halloween prank gone wrong. Each short story brings a classic tale to life, offering fresh adventures and cozy charm in the Old West.
The ten short stories included are:
  • "None Too Particular" (The Princess and the Pea) 
  • "Let Down Your Hair" (Rapunzel) 
  • "I'll Do It Myself" (The Little Red Hen) 
  • "No Match for a Good Story" (Scheherazade) 
  • "Run, Run" (The Gingerbread Man) 
  • "Who Lived in a Shoe" (There Was an Old Woman) 
  • "The Ugly Evergreen" (The Ugly Duckling) 
  • "The Wind Makes a Poor Husband" (The Mouse's Marriage) 
  • "The Blizzard at Three Bears Lake" (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) 
  • "Gruff" (Three Billy Goats Gruff)

And now, it's time to show you the whole cover!

I think this just might be the prettiest cover in the series yet!  And look how wonderfully it meshes with all the others:

If some of those short stories sound familiar to you, it's because five of them have been previously available on their own as free e-books, and two of them have been free Christmas gifts to people who subscribe to my author newsletter.  If you're keeping up with my math here, that means that three of these short stories are totally new and have never been available before!  And none of them have been available in print before this.

Prairie Tales: Volume One
 will release on August 6, 2024, which is in less than a month!  But if you don't want to wait that long to read it, you can apply for an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) by filling out this form.  I will give out a limited number of ARCs, and they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you want one, you'd better sign up soon!

The Kindle edition of Prairie Tales is available for pre-order right here already, and you can also mark it as want-to-read here on GoodReads.

I'll be offering some book launch goodies, and taking this book on a virtual book tour during its launch week, so keep an eye out for news about those!

Oh, and yes... the title includes the words "volume one."  I fully expect to keep writing books and short stories in this series, which means there will be another volume of Once Upon a Western short stories one day!  I currently have plans for the next three books, and ideas for a couple more short stories.

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