Monday, November 07, 2022

"My Rock and My Refuge" Launch Goodies AND Signed Copies

My Beauty and the Beast retelling, My Rock and My Refuge, launches TOMORROW!!!

I am excited to announce that anyone who orders MRAMR during the month of November is eligible to receive a package of book launch goodies!  It doesn't matter if you order a paperback or an ebook, or where you order them from, and this offer is good worldwide!  I will send them anywhere that the USPS delivers.

What kinds of goodies?  Feast your eyes:

You'll receive:
  • an art card featuring location artwork by LadyWithPug
  • a bookmark featuring character artwork by Skye Hoffert and a quotation from the book
  • a bookplate featuring character artwork by LadyWithPug
  • an official "Once Upon a Western" sticker

The easiest way to get these goodies, of course, is to order your paperback copy directly from me!  Then I can autograph your book, and you'll automatically get your goodies along with the paperback(s).  I have a handy form right here that you can fill out if you're interested in autographed copies of my books -- any of them!  It's not exactly an order form because I can't take payments through it, but it lets you tell me what books you want to buy directly from me, and how many, and what their prices and s&h costs, and what payment options I can accept.  Once I get your form submission, I'll email you to discuss mailing addresses, what names you want me to sign the books to, etc.

However, you can totally get these launch goodies even if you order your copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or another bookseller, as long as you order it during the month of November!  Simply email me a picture of your completed order form that includes the following info:
  • site/place purchased
  • date of purchase/order
  • confirmation of purchase/order (not just the book being in your cart)
Please black out or cover up all personal information such as your credit card or other payment information.

Just email that to me at { RachelKovaciny at gmail dot com } along with the address you'd like me to send your goodies to, and I will pop them in the mail!

Now, I'll leave you with one more snippet from an advance review...


  1. Character art! Bookmarks! *heart eyes*

    1. Katie, YES! As if I was an important author or something :-o

    2. Shhh, don't tell me that. I'll get nervous about tomorrow. Well, more nervous.

  2. I'm loving all these quotes from the advance reviews. :D

    1. Olivia, heh heh. Me too. I've got them all saved in that one MRAMR story in IG because they're such fun to go thru.


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