Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Two Upcoming Blogathons

Just a quick note to mention two blogathons coming up this summer that you might be interested in joining. 

First is the Oivia de Havilland blogathon hosted by The Sacred and the Secular on July 1-2 to celebrate what will be Ms. de Havilland's 104th birthday.  I've signed up to review A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935).

Then there's the We Love Lucy blogathon hosted by Musings of an Introvert on August 6-7 to celebrate what would have been Ms. Ball's birthday.  I've signed up to contribute a list of my 10 favorite I Love Lucy episodes.

Even though both of these are listed on my Upcoming Blog Events page and my sidebar, I wanted to highlight them in a post as well because I know people won't always check that page, and my sidebar doesn't show up if you're reading this on a mobile device.


  1. I already signed up for the We Love Lucy Blogathon. I’m reviewing Yours, Mine and Ours. Such a classic! I can’t wait to read your 10 Favorite I Love Lucy Episodes.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. I appreciate it. <3

    1. You're welcome, Charity! I figure with such short notice, people will need all the alerts they can get, right?

    2. Yes. I've been going around leaving links everywhere I can think of. (I honestly expected the usual blog who has hosted the annual one in the past to do it, and was shocked when they never did -- so I decided to be impulsive and host it. I may wind up linking to a bunch of old posts, hahaha.)

    3. I have a couple movies of hers I haven't watched yet, so if I manage to toss one in the DVD player before then, maybe I'll review two!

      It seems like since the shutdown, half the bloggers I know have had way MORE time to blog, and half of them have had way LESS.

    4. Ha, ha.

      The ones with way less probably have more kids than the ones who have way more. ;)

      I also think frankly depression is involved. For a couple of weeks bloggers were more active and now they have quieted down some. I understand. They just officially cancelled all events through the nearby towns for the summer, leaving us without our annual celebrations. It's sad!!

    5. Pretty sure the presence of kids IS a big factor ;-)

      And depression is definitely involved! So much uncertainty, so much disruption, so much boredom, and so much disappointment. People are struggling.


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