Saturday, June 06, 2020

My Summer 2020 To-Do List

(My container garden this year so far)

~ Publish One Bad Apple

~ Read The Hunchback of Notre Dame

~ Read 2 more titles for my Classics Club list


~ Read 9 books off my TBR shelves

~ Read 2 books from the library

~ Read at least 1 book each month about/by someone who is not white

(Snapdragons that reseeded themselves last year)

~ Watch 5 movies off my TBW shelves

~ Make at least three new kinds of popsicles.  I'm thinking I'll start with these Oreo Pudding Pops.

(Dianthus/cottage pinks that reseeded themselves)

~ Make another book nook shelf insert

~ Finish the blanket I'm crocheting for my 8-yr-old's bed

(More snapdragons -- the pink & yellow last year
crossbred and made peach!)

That's all I've got for this summer!  How about you?  Are you making any reading or movie-watching goals, or have things you'd like to do?


  1. Those snapdragons are gorgeous! I do believe that they are some of my favorite flowers. Have fun with all of these!

    1. Thank you, MC! I really love them too. My kids are very into dragons, so I'm pretty sure these are their favorite flowers, hee.

  2. Have fun! Those are some great goals. I've made some resolutions to read and watch more classics, and watch more Star Trek series [I've seen the original series, and the J.J Abrams movies. I want to see more of the Next Generation, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine.]

    1. Thank you, McKayla! Good luck with your goals too! I should really watch more Star Trek -- I just love the original series so much that if I'm in a Trek mood, it's what I reach for. But I'd like to watch Next Gen at the very least. One day!

  3. I love your popsicle goal. Maybe I should add it to my goals. :) I know my kids wouldn't mind.

    1. Jennifer, do you have an IKEA around you? The BEST popsicle molds I've ever found are theirs, as you can wash them individually, popsicles come out of them in one piece instead of bits, and they're just the right size for a good snack. I love them so much, we have 4 sets of 6 popsicle molds!

      One of my favorite ways to make popsicles is to just whisk together some flavor or other of yogurt with enough milk to make them pourable, add chopped fruit, pour into molds, and voila! Reasonably healthy snack!

  4. Ooh, Oreo pudding pops! Sounds promising. ;D

    I'd really like to keep focusing on making significant strides in going through my physical TBR shelves. There are new books I'd like to order, but I'm tired of continuing to accumulate new books and then procrastinating on reading them until I've lost all motivation to do so. So I've sort of tentatively set myself a goal that I won't order any more new-to-me books offline (unless it's with gift money, lol) until I've ploughed through at least a large portion of the unread books already waiting on my shelves. This is the first year I've joined the Unread Shelf Project, but I've found it helpful, so far. The monthly prompts really give you that little extra boost of motivation/novelty, don't you think? :D

    1. *ONline, not offline. I think I was mixing up "online" and "off the Internet," hehe. ;)

    2. Olivia, I made the Oreo pudding pops this weekend, and they're definitely a keeper.

      Yesterday, I sat down in front of my TBR shelves and made myself consider each and every book and why I got them. I wanted to take 15 books off, as that seemed like a good, achievable number. I looked for books that I only had because someone gave them to me, but I wasn't really interested in them; for books I've owned for ten years or more, but still haven't read them; for books I could obviously get from the library and don't need to just have sitting there. I took off 22! I still have hopes of being able to take the two piles of books on the floor and have shelf space for them by the end of the year. This is my first year with the Unread Shelf Project, and yes, it's been pretty helpful. I'm all about the accountability, you know?


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